Friday, October 28, 2016

Get your Hockey Fix at the Pre-Halloween Atom Tourney this weekend

Sure the big boys are out of town this weekend, but the Rampage stars of tomorrow will be on display all weekend long at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre.

The Prince Rupert Minor Hockey Association is hosting a Pre-Halloween Atom Tournament on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, three days that will make the Civic Centre the main attraction for fans of the puck.

Teams from across the Northwest are in town with representation from Kitimat, Terrace, Houston, Smithers and Hazelton.

The kids dig into the Ice starting at 5:15 tonight and the last Zamboni run for the tourney comes up sometime on Sunday afternoon. In between, the games come along like clockwork, each one holding the key to Sunday's line up towards the Tournament finale.

If you have some time over the weekend Drop into the Civic centre over weekend and take in some entertaining hockey and cheer on the youngsters as they put on the show.

The schedule looks as follows (Prince Rupert squads are listed below in teal):


5:15 PM -- Prince Rupert Helijet vs Prince Rupert Remax
6:30 PM -- Terrace Sage vs Prince Rupert Blackfish
7:45 PM -- Kitimat vs Terrace Blue


7:15 AM -- Prince Rupert Helijet vs Houston
8:30 AM -- Hazelton vs Terrace Sage
9:45 AM -- Prince Rupert Blackfish vs Smithers
11:00 AM -- Kitimat vs Prince Rupert Remax

12:15 PM -- Houston vs Terrace Blue
1:30 PM -- Smithers vs Hazeton
2:45 PM -- Kitimat vs Prince Rupert Helijet
4:00 PM -- Terrace Blue vs  Prince Rupert Remax
5:15 PM -- Terrace Sage vs Smithers
6:30 PM -- Hazelton vs Prince Rupert Blackfish
7:45 PM -- Kitimat vs Houston


The Schedule of teams for Sunday won't be known until Saturday night, but action will start at 6:45 AM, with the Game for First Place set for Sunday at 2:30.

More items about Minor Hockey in the Northwest can be found on our archive page here.

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