Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Prince Rupert in the Province's paving plans for 2017

Major Paving plans for Highway 16
through Prince Rupert for 2017 
(photo BC gov't website)
The main corridor through Prince Rupert is going to receive some new black top, just in time for the start of the 2017 Provincial election campaign.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Transportation announced the 4.5 million dollar investment into Highway 16 from the Lester Centre to the BC Ferry Terminal, a four kilometre stretch of arterial road that bears the brunt of the majority of the traffic flow through the city on a daily basis.

The repaving project will go out to tender in early 2017.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone to note of the improvement project as part of the statement issued today.

“A top priority of B.C. on the Move is keeping our province's highways and side roads in good condition,”  ... “Second Ave and McBride is a key part of the city’s downtown area, and paving this section of the arterial will improve access from the ferry terminal to central Prince Rupert.”

Over 4 kilometres of roadway will be resurfaced in Prince Rupert in
2017 as the Ministry of Transportation brings in the paving crews to
work on the stretch from the Lester Centre to the BC Ferries Terminal

The project is part of the B.C. on the Move initiative which is a ten year plan to improve the province's transportation network.

For his part Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain expressed the excitement that the City has over the paving plan ahead.

Mayor Brain and Minister
Todd Stone in Prince Rupert Tuesday

(photo BC Gov't)
“Second Avenue and McBride Street are the largest corridors through our city, the highway to the ferry terminal, and often the first impressions that visitors receive,”  ...  As one of Prince Rupert’s major thoroughfares, the city is excited to hear of the paving improvements announced by the Province.”

You can review the announcement and more background on the B.C. on the move program here.

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