Thursday, October 13, 2016

Update highlights work of Community Development Institute and future plans

Krystin St. Jean from the Community
Development Institute had an update
for City Council on Tuesday
It was presentation night at Prince Rupert City Council on Tuesday, as the city's Council members received an update on the work of the Community Development Institute, as Krystin St. Jean, a Senior Facilitator with the organization outlined the scope of their efforts over the last year in the community.

She provided a general overview of the mandate of CDI across Northern British Columbia and reviewed the nature of the partnership that the CDI has with the City of Prince Rupert and Community Futures. Exploring how they have identified the assets and challenges for the community and how they have developed an Advisory Committee of six members to provide guidance to the  project in a number of different areas of concern for the community.

She provided some notes on the five subject areas that are part of their study of the community, which include: Public Spaces, Community Culture and Heritage, Housing, Children, Youth and Families and Economy and Livelihoods.

The twenty minute review outlined some of the 18 community engagement sessions that have been held and collected information from residents on a range of topics, sharing some thoughts on how the CDI plans to make use of the findings from them as part of the Redesign Rupert project currently underway.

Ms. St. Jean also took advantage of her time with Council to provide a preview of their next public event, called Redesign Rupert Recharge, which takes place on October 22nd at the Civic Centre from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

That session, which will feature a pancake breakfast, will seek to engage the public in exploring ways to shape the future of Prince Rupert.

Following her presentation, Councillors Randhawa, Kinney and Thorkelson  asked a number of questions related to some of her themes and offered up comments on the work ahead for the organization, with Councillor Thorkelson asking as to how the City may be able to get more people in the community involved in the process.

Mayor Brain also provided some background and clarification on what the nature of the work of the CDI was in the community and the community engagement that they are involved with as part of their efforts.

You can review her presentation to Council from the video below.

Her update starts at the opening of the meeting and lasts until about the twenty minute mark.

You can learn more about the work of the CDI in Prince Rupert from the Redesign Rupert home page, as well we have a number of items for review on our archive page here.

A larger overview of Tuesday's Council session is available on our Council Timeline Feature, while more items relates to Prince Rupert City Council can be found on our archive page.

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