Thursday, October 27, 2016

Prolific Podcasts of Prince Rupert

Plugging into the news of the North Coast is taking on new approaches every day it seems with the old days of waiting for an hourly newscast on the radio or the delivery of the newspaper giving way to more instantaneous and niche driven approaches.

Earlier this month we outlined the arrival of a new project for the weekly newspaper the Northern View, which debuted its Podcast project at the start of October.  Offering a mix of news items, video features and banter from the hosts who take time out of their day as sales reps at McCarthy GM to jump into the digital flow of information.

Of course the original podcast concept belongs to the Daybreak North team, which have been posting some of their favourite items from the show in audio file form for a long time now.

And while for residents of the North Coast a few more items directed towards their concerns and issues might be desired, the Podcast concept does give a sample of the morning magazine program that broadcasts out of Prince George and Prince Rupert five days a week.

CFNR regularly adds special features to their website broadcasting a range of events such as Hobiyee and the Annual All Native Basketball Tournament across their large radio network which reaches far beyond the Northwest.

CFTK TV doesn't go the Podcast route, but they do offer up a Video archive of recent news stories through their website, which allows Northwest residents the chance to see what's going on in all of the communities of the region.

Audiences for new digital projects
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The most recent shift to a niche programming concept comes out of the EZ Rock Studios at Cow Bay, as radio host Lucas Anders takes listeners to the edge of the waterfront, providing notes on the latest developments and items of interest from the Prince Rupert Port corporation.

The Harbour Headline which airs on Friday mornings, brings Michael Gurney the Port's Manager of Corporate Communications into the studio each week, providing some background to areas of the Port's operations that may not be commonly known, or offering up further detail on current topics in the news.

The booming voice of Gurney, who is perhaps just warming up for his annual Rotary Telethon duties later in November, certainly provides for a dramatic flair to the flow of information on ship movements and other items of interest out of the Port's Atlin Terminal offices.

The on air duo of Anders and Gurney have certainly got their timing down nicely, having recently teamed up for their production of Stones in his Pockets.

Of course, while you're exploring all these shiny options new and old that are out there to learn more about the North Coast, we do hope you'll check back to the blog from time to time.

We're just keeping busy looking for items of note and flagging newsworthy items through the day for you to review, both on the blog and through our twitter feed.

For more items related to the media of the Northwest see our archive page here.

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