Monday, October 24, 2016

Yacht Club seeks variance permit for Club house development

The plans for a new building on the site of the Prince Rupert Yacht Club will be under review once again by Prince Rupert City Council tonight, as council considers a request from Yacht Club officials for a variance permit for their plans.

Council approved the original project in March, but with the project moving forward it has been discovered that the the proposed building will exceed the city's maximum height provisions by 12 feet or 3.6 metres.

Prince Rupert Council will consider a zoning variance for
the Prince Rupert Yacht Club at tonight's session

At the heart of the topic is the replica lighthouse aspect of the development that is apparently above the height allowances for the waterfront area. 

As well, the topic of the lighthouse aspect of the project was addressed, with additional comments noting that the the 500W light will be modified to provide a modest output and a glowing presence, as opposed to the traditional strobe effect.

While the extra twelve feet will most likely not have much of an impact on the view of the waterfront for the immediate area, part of the application includes a process of consultation with residents in a stretch of Fourth Avenue East, overlooking the waterfront area.

That consultation process would appear to be designed to address any concerns related to the light that will come from the lighthouse component of the project.

The City will be providing a notice of the planned change
to the project variance to those residents above the Yacht Club site

The full application can be reviewed from the Council Agenda starting on page 10, Council will provide its answer as part of tonight's proceedings in the Regular Council session.

More items of note from Tonight's Council session can be found on our Council Preview.

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