Friday, October 28, 2016

Digital Smoke Signal keeping Nisga'a members informed

With a nod to the past, the local offices of the Gitmaxmak'ay Society are keeping member up to date by using some of the latest technology.

The Digital Smoke Signal is an information sharing service run by the Society, designed to provide the Nisga'a membership, or Nisga'a affiliated members with updates on events, important advisories and Programs and Services that are currently being offered to Nisga'a citizens in the Prince Rupert and Port Edward area.

The information process is one that sends emails as an SMS blast to personal devices, offering almost instantaneous communication on important events or other items of interest for Nisga'a members on the North Coast.

Those working at the Gitmaxmak'ay offices in the Nisga'a Hall and creating content for the service are quite respectful of those members that are receiving the messages, careful to be selective when it comes to the items to be sent out in the message system, so as not to spam their members with endless messages.

A sample blast from the Digital Smoke Signal service
that provides key information updates for Nisga'a
members in Prince Rupert and Port Edward

It's an interesting approach and one that highlights the advanced technical capabilities that the Gitmaxmak'ay Society have taken on to deliver information to the community. In addition to the SMS blast option, they also make use of a websitetwitter feed and Facebook page to make sure that members have every possible opportunity to learn more about items of importance.

You can find out more about the Digital Smoke Signal from the Gitmaxmak'ay Society at 250-627-1595

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