Wednesday, October 19, 2016

City looks to finalize lease with Quickload Terminals for east side land

The City is looking to lease land
just beyond the end of Chamberlain
Avenue to Quickload Terminals
The wheels are in motion for a proposal that would see the City of Prince Rupert lease an area of land off the end of Chamberlain Avenue to Quickload Terminals, the operators of the lumber storage and container stuffing yard in the city's east end.

According to the details outlined in a Public Notice posted to the City's Website, the City of Prince Rupert intends to enter into a lease with Quickload. That agreement will see an area of land formerly known as Chamberlain Avenue turned over to the Terminal operators for a ten year term, with options for two more options of five years each.

The first term will provide revenue of $4,000 per month for the City, with the fee for the two subsequent options to add changes in the Consumer Price Index.

The area in question can be seen in the map below.  It runs from the current end of Chamberlain Avenue along Highway Sixteen and borders on the existing Quickload Terminal site.

Shaded area indicates land that is to be leased to Quickload
Terminals on the city's east side

Anyone who has any inquiries or concerns related to the proposed lease should contact Rory Mandryk the City's Corporate Administrator, by way of email at

More items of interest out of City Hall can be found on our City Council Discussion Archive page.

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