Thursday, October 20, 2016

British Columbia Lottery Corporation launches new lottery today with Daily Grand

There's a new lottery waiting for British Columbians who may have three dollars extra in their pockets this morning, with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation introducing the Daily Grand.

A twice a week draw that could see those selecting the right combination of numbers claiming $1,000 dollars a day for the life of the winner, or for those of us turning the corner on our back nine of life,  a lump sum payout of 7 million dollars is also an option for winners.

The Daily Grand lottery is national in scope and features draws on Monday's and Thursday's, tonight marks the first draw with the first winning numbers to be announced at 7:30 PM.

Some notes on the Daily Grand can be found below:
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Players can fill out a lottery card to select their own five number combination and the Grand number or they can let the lottery machine do the work for them.

You can find more information about the newest addition to the BCLC lottery products from the lottery corporation website.

Daily Grand tickets are now available for purchase at lottery retailers across the city.

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