Tuesday, October 18, 2016

LNG supporters hosting community meeting in Prince Rupert tonight

A national organization looking to enlist more British Columbians towards expressing their support and hopes to see some forward momentum for the LNG industry in the province are in Prince Rupert today, hosting a community session for those supporting the development of the industry.

The event, billed as a casual reception is hosted by the group Canada's Energy Citizens and takes place tonight in the Orca Room at the North Coast Meeting and Convention Centre from 5:30 to 8 PM.

The North Coast Convention Centre plays host for tonight's gathering
of Canadian Energy Citizens, an organization looking to build ongoing
support for a number of LNG and other energy related projects

Those attending tonight's meeting will have the opportunity to learn more about the group and the plans they have for the future, as they look to share their thoughts on LNG development in the province.

Much of the focus that they have provided to this point is directed towards the theme of the volume of employment and other benefits that energy projects can provide for British Columbia. With the group putting its focus on how money contributed to the provincial treasury works its way towards schools, health care and other infrastructure needs.

The main theme for this evening's session is that of Saying Yes to Lelu Island LNG.

The organization, which is an initiative of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has taken on a number of community engagement projects in the past.

The most recent one a call for Canadians to send a letter to their MP in support of the TransMountain Expansion project.

More on Canadian Energy Citizens can be found here.

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