Friday, June 9, 2023

Community Safety the focus for Prince Rupert RCMP as Seafest and Grad Weekend arrives

With two high profile events arriving on the same weekend and a large volume of visitors coming to town for the Charles Hays Commencement ceremony and weekend of Seafest, the Prince Rupert RCMP have put the focus on community safety heading into Friday evening.

A social media post to the Prince Rupert Detachment's Facebook page provides a glimpse of how the local members will be approaching their duties this weekend with increased traffic enforcement acuity and foot patrols all part of their service plan for the next few days.

As well, the members will be visible at many of the events both on Third Avenue and at Cow Bay.

In addition to their safety focus, the Prince Rupert members also offer up a reminder of their own Open House Saturday in the parking lot of the Sixth Avenue West detachment.

We previewed the Open House plans yesterday, the Celebrations on Seafest Saturday, have the local members highlighting this 150th year of the RCMP in service across Canada.

Our notes on the CHSS commencement can be reviewed here.

Our Seafest previews can be explored here.

A look at the work of Emergency Responders across the Northwest can be found from our archive.

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