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Emergency Service Files -- June 2015

Our Archive of items for the month of June, from the files of law enforcement and other emergency responders in Northwestern British Columbia.

From the North Coast Review

Southeast Alaska air crash claims nine lives
RCMP look to accentuate (and reward) the Positives when it comes to road safety on city streets
RCMP provide additional background and continue to seek assistance in Vehicle Fire investigation
Kootenay Avenue latest location related to ongoing vehicle arsons
Commercial Groundfish Harvester Fined $23,000 for North Coast Violations
Prince Rupert RCMP investigating swarm of Suspicious Vehicle Fires in the City
HMCS Whitehorse responded to distress call on its way to Seafest
RCMP seeks public assistance on Port Edward theft file
Someone has a nasty slice and BC Ferries has the evidence ... 
Canadian Rescue Choppers soon to take on a Presidential air
You may hear and feel the new Fire Truck, before you see it!

Media From Across the Northwest

Prince Rupert/Port Edward/Haida Gwaii/North Coast

June 25 -- Longboarders targeted with Slurpee tickets by RCMP (audio)
June 23 -- Prince Rupert Vehicle Fire press conference (video)
June 23 -- Manhunt on for vehicle fire suspects
June 19 -- Prince Rupert Vehicle Fire Update
June 19 -- Prince Rupert RCMP investigating another fire
June 18 -- Vandals target Jungle Beach infrastructure
June 18 -- Injured hiker rescued off Anvil Trail
June 16 -- Prince Rupert RCMP, Fire Department investigate Three suspicious vehicle fires
June 15 -- Prince Rupert RCMP probe vehicle arsons
June 10 -- Water restrictions, fire bans in effect
June 8 -- Prince Rupert RCMP calling Golf hits out of play
June 7 -- Talks begin on Haydn Park party crisis
June 3 -- Prince Rupert's Search and Rescue getting a facelift (audio)

Terrace/Kitimat and elsewhere

June 30 -- Disturbance leads to Impaired Driving Investigation
June 30 -- Going for a swim, in his car
June 30 -- Impaired Driving Suspect Ends up in Lakelse Lake
June 30 -- Vehicle driven into lake south of Terrace
June 30 -- Thief smashes way into George Little House
June 29 -- Terrace's George Little House Vandalized
June 29 -- Fire Danger Growing as Forests Dry Out
June 29 -- Terrace SAR urges boaters to wear life jackets
June 25 -- Fire Safety for the Northwest (video)
June 25 -- Terrace Detachment Service Report for June 24
June 25 -- RCMP update on Carter Jewellers robbery
June 24 -- Smithers teen identified as fatal crash victim
June 24 -- Terrace Detachment Service Report for June 22 & 23
June 24 -- Terrace mother not to blame for car crash that paralyzed her daughter
June 24 -- Jail time and heavy fines for dog owners who lock their pets in hot cars (audio)
June 23 -- Wildfire smoke may drift into NW communities
June 23 -- Kitimat RCMP report potential scam
June 23 -- Motorcyclist caught doing 225 kilometres an hour
June 22 -- Terrace Detachment Service Report for June 21
June 22 -- Terrace Fire (video)
June 22 -- Smithers Crash kills 19 year old
June 22 -- Fatal Collision in Smithers Claims Life
June 22 -- Terrace RCMP Clock motorcyclist at 225 km/hr
June 22 -- Old CN Bunkhouse in Terrace Gutted by Fire
June 21 -- Motorcycle impounded for going over double the speed limit
June 20 -- Fire guts old CN Rail bunkhouse
June 19 -- RCMP release updated findings on missing and murdered aboriginal women
June 19 -- Smithers RCMP probe vehicle thefts
June 18 -- Terrace Detachment Service Report for June 16 & 17
June 17 -- Lakelse Lake Fire update (video)
June 16 -- Terrace RCMP Concerned about Reports of Luring
June 16 -- Terrace RCMP investigate more attempted luring cases
June 16 -- Firefighters take on blaze near Lakelse Lake
June 16 -- Terrace Detachment Service Report for June 15 
June 15 -- Terrace Detachment Service Report for June 12-14
June 15 -- Smithers RCMP Arrest One Graffiti Artist- Looking for Others
June 15 -- Skeena Firezone risk warning
June 15 -- High fire risk endangers Terrace and area
June 15 -- Rollover Crash on Kitimat Road Claims Life of Victoria Man
June 12 -- Terrace Attempted Luring (video)
June 12 -- Smithers RCMP asking for Help in Graffiti Case
June 12 -- Terrace Detachment Service Report for June 9-11
June 12 -- Attempted luring in Terrace
June 12 -- Luring attempt reported in Terrace
June 12 -- RCMP report attempted child luring in Terrace
June 11 -- Calls for safe space after child abduction attempt in Hazelton (audio)
June 11 -- Medical staff added to Terrace Law suit
June 9 -- Terrace Detachment Service Report for June 8
June 8 -- Terrace Crash closes Kalum Hill
June 5 -- No injuries in Morning House Fire in Terrace
June 5 -- Terrace Firefighters battle house fire
June 3 -- Unique searchers recover Terrace drowning victim using sonar equipment

Ketchikan/Southeast Alaska

June 30 -- Coast Guard rescues fisherman near Kruzof island
June 26 -- Nine victims recovered from fatal plane crash
June 26 -- Tourists react to flightseeing fatalities
June 26 -- Pilot, Tourists killed in Float Plane Crash Near Ketchikan, Alaska
June 25 -- No survivors in Misty Fiords plane crash
June 16 -- Man caught who allegedly threatened troopers
June 11 -- Ketchikan, Craig declared "Tsunami-ready"
June 8 -- Ketchikan man dies after accidental shooting

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