Monday, June 1, 2015

Fishskin Fabrics the latest destination for Prince Rupert's Cash Mob

Fishskin Fabrics was the latest
target for Prince Rupert's
popular Cash Mob experience

(photo fm Community Futures)
It could have been a challenging afternoon for organizers of Prince Rupert's Saturday Cash Mob, but organizers found some die hard shoppers ready to head off in step to the latest target destination for the popular business awareness campaign in the city.

With sunshine and the Relay for Life providing for a bit of competition on the morning, the Mobsters set forward undaunted, leaving the Chamber of Commerce offices at Fulton and Third around 11 AM and making their way down Third Avenue West.

The destination for the Cash Mob experience of May was Fishskin Fabrics, located in the 200 block of 3rd Avenue West. A fairly new business in that area of the city's main shopping avenue.

Following the short trek down Third West, Mobsters wandered through the store examining the range of Fabrics and Arts and Crafts Supplies available.

By the time the invasion had come to an end, those participating had spent at least twenty dollars in the store and created a bit of buzz along the sidewalks of the city's main shopping avenue.

You can learn more about Fishskin Fabric through a pair of social media options available for you to check out, with notes on happenings at the store to be found on their Facebook page and Pinterest page.

The store also has a website, which currently is undergoing maintenance and should be available to the public again shortly.

The Cash Mob organizers will take a look at how things went over the weekend and then make their plans for the next opportunity for the Mob to form, with details to come as the plans begin to develop.

You can learn more about Prince Rupert's Cash Mob from Community Futures Pacific Northwest Facebook page, as well as the Rupert Reigns event calendar.

You can review some of the history of the Cash Mobs in Prince Rupert from our item of mid May.

For more items related to developments in the Northwest commercial scene see our archive page here.

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