Friday, June 5, 2015

Pinnacle Pellet's Westview Terminal sets shipment record this month

The Popi S recently left Westview
Terminal destined for England
When the Popi S pulled out of Prince Rupert harbour earlier this week it had entered the world shipping record books, taking on the largest load of wood pellets ever shipped anywhere in the history of the industry.

The Westview Terminal team loaded close to 60,000 tons of the wood pellets onto the vessel, destined for Drax Power in the United Kingdom.

The vessel departing on a thirty four day journey that will bring the Popi S into port at Immingham in the UK in early July.

The Popi S is a Panamx vessel, designed to make the maximum use of the Panama Canal, the use of it to ship the wood pellets to Europe highlights the growing reach of shipments in and out of the Port of Prince Rupert.

"Pinnacle is excited about its leadership in the use of Panamax's for wood pellets, ... They are presently an under-utilized class of vessel, so this additional cargo option will suit ship owners, shippers and receivers alike." -- said Vaughan Bassett, Pinnacle's senior vice-president of sales and logistics. 

For Pinnacle Pellet, the record setting shipment offers up a sample of the kind of through put that the Westview Terminal can provide to customers. With Pinnacle making the best use of its terminal and marine resources to establish the company as a low risk wood pellet supplier.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority heralded the successful shipment earlier this week with a pair of tweets to their twitter feed.

Background on the record setting shipment of this week can be found here.

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