Friday, October 30, 2015

A Legislature Love Letter to Dodge Cove from Jennifer Rice

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice
had glowing praise for Dodge Cove
in the Legislature on Thursday
While a lot of the time the commentary of the Legislature can take on a partisan and at times caustic tone, the Members statements portion of the Legislature Day often provides MLA's the opportunity to share some more celebratory thoughts on the areas that they represent.

An aural post card if you will of some of the things that the MLA's find bewitching about their home constituency.

Thursday during the morning Statements opportunity, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice provided those in the Legislature chamber with a thumbnail sketch of the more relaxed lifestyle of Dodge Cove, tracing some of the events that have marked the history of the community across the harbour from Prince Rupert.

She outlined some of the traits of those that call the Dodge Community their home highlighting the varied background of those that have made the trek across the harbour to homestead.

Noting occupations ranging from teachers, artists and loggers to retirees and authors, in the latter category providing a shout out to the popular Prince Rupert area compilation of the Gumboot Girls (no doubt easily accessed through the Prince Rupert Library or at Eddies News)

You can review Ms. Rice's tribute to Dodge Cove through the Legislature Draft minutes for Thursday morning, and view her presentation in the Legislature below.

For more items related to the work of the MLA at the Legislature see our archive page here.

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  1. It is great to see and hear about communities in the northwest and that people live on the coast, they work on the coast and that Rich Coleman's plan for LNG terminals is not just a stamp on some unnamed wilderness. I think the legislature should think about Justin Trudeau's comment that their should be social license from communities before some of these life changing mega projects get environmental licensed to severely change our habitat. Thank you for sharing the Jennifer's speech and the Lax Kwa' laams Science Report.