Thursday, October 15, 2015

Smithers to host Symposium focusing on transportation issues along Highway 16

Representatives from 23 First Nation communities along the Highway 16 corridor will be joining municipal government officials and representatives of the Provincial government on November 24th, part of a symposium to examine the issues related to transportation concerns along the Northern route that stretches from Prince Rupert to the Alberta border.

The session will address a number of topics as part of the discussion including the need for safe and affordable medical transportation for First Nations communities along the Highway 16 corridor.

As part of the preparation for the symposium the First Nations Health Authority has launched a survey of current transportation issues and challenges, which you an review here, the results from that survey will form the foundation for further discussion at the November event.

“This symposium will build on the work we’ve done to date as we continue to engage First Nations to find practical, affordable and sustainable solutions for the communities along the Highway 16 corridor,” ... “I’m confident that, through our partnership with the First Nations Health Authority, and the information and ideas gathered at the symposium, we will be able to develop a vision for a community-based transportation model that is supported by First Nations and municipal communities along the Highway 16 corridor.” -- Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone with some background on a symposium in Smithers this November on Highway 16 issues

In addition to the First Nations Health Authority survey findings, the November symposium intends to make use of the results of a number of previous community engagement sessions.

As well, the process for the November symposium will look at the 2006 Highway 16 Transportation Symposium Report and review the recommendations that came out of the 2012 Missing Women Commission of Inquiry (see pages 160-169)

More on what they hope to achieve during the November session can be found here.

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