Friday, October 23, 2015

North Coast MLA outlines satisfaction with Electoral Boundaries Commission findings

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice
spoke on the topic of Electoral Boundary
Recommendations on Thursday
For North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, no news, is good news, when it comes to the findings of the provinces Electoral Boundaries Commission.

Yesterday, Ms. Rice spoke in the Legislature regarding the work of the Commission, which has determined that in the case of the North Coast riding, there will be no changes made to the boundaries that make up the vast riding of the North West Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii.

Members of the Legislature following Ms. Rice spent much of the afternoon offering up some of their own observations on the report, calling attention to the work that was required to try and determine how best to represent the population of British Columbia in Victoria.

During the course of her presentation to the Legislature, the North Coast MLA spoke to some of the challenges that the riding poses, both by way of transportation and communication, particularly when it comes to addressing some of the concerns of constituents outside of the large population centres.

From September to November of 2014, the Commission visited 29 communities across the province for consultations with BC residents, as well as receiving feedback through submissions either written or delivered through a website designed to give the public opportunity to comment.

The Report from the Commission is currently being reviewed and debated by the Members of the Legislature, with a vote to adopt its findings and put in place any recommended changes to come sometime in this session.

You can review the North Coast MLA's contribution to the discussion from the Legislature's TV archive, part of the Chamber Video for the Thursday afternoon session. Ms. Rice leads off the afternoon session with her comments at the very start of afternoon's proceedings.

A transcript of her comments is also available from the legislature minutes.

For more items related to her work in Victoria see our archive page here.

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