Friday, October 16, 2015

Senior Boy's Rainmakers set to host volleyball weekend at CHSS

It's a full weekend ahead for all of the Charles Hays Volleyball squads as both the Junior Boys and Girls teams head out on the road, while Prince Rupert plays host to a Saturday tournament for the Senior Boys.

On the hometown front, there will be some intense action on the court this weekend as the Senior Boys Rainmaker squad hosts four competitors this Saturday at the Charles Hays Gymnasium.

Coming to town are teams from Terrace, Hazelton, and Haida Gwaii all ready to take on the Rainmaker squad in the one day showdown.

Action gets underway on two courts on Saturday, with the following schedule a guide to the action:

9:30 AM Court One -- Centennial CS vs Queen Charlotte Secondary
9:30 AM Court Two -- Hazleton vs Charles Hays
Caledonia has the first Bye of the day

10:45 AM Court One -- Caledonia vs Charles Hays
10:45 AM Court Two -- Centennial CS vs Hazelton
Queen Charlotte Secondary has the Bye

Noon Court One -- Queen Charlotte Secondary vs Hazleton
Noon Court Two -- Caledonia vs Centennial CS
Charles Hays has the Bye

1:15 PM -- Court One -- Hazelton vs Caledonia
1:15 PM -- Court Two -- Charles Hays vs Queen Charlotte Secondary
CCS has the Bye

2:30 PM  -- Court One -- Charles Hays vs Centennial CS
2:30 PM  -- Court Two -- Queen Charlotte vs Caledonia
Hazelton has the Bye

While the Senior Boys are busy playing host to the Northwest, the Junior Boys will be in Terrace at a tournament hosted by Caledonia.

While the Junior Girls off to Smithers and games in the Bulkley Valley.

The weekend also brings the Senior Girl's team back to Prince Rupert, they've spent the last week and
a bit taking on the challenges of volleyball Island style ... wrapping up a gruelling tour (somebody had to do it right) in Hawaii.

The trek to southern climes brought the Rainmakers up against some impressive competition, offering up a good opportunity to measure their game against some US schools. What volleyball tips (and suntans) that they've picked up will be on display through the next few weeks at CHSS.

CHSS Sr Girls spent the last week and a bit in Hawaii
(photo courtesy CHSS Sports)

You can find more on all of the Charles Hays Volleyball squads from the CHSS Sports Twitter feed.

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