Friday, October 23, 2015

Bad Duffer!! Putting Practice is Out of bounds as far as Golf course is concerned

Someone it seems is getting in a little out of season putting practice on the greens of the Prince Rupert Golf Course, and the management of the course would like them to know that's definitely more than a couple of penalty strokes off the score card.

An item from Fred Hainstock, the President of the Executive was posted to the Prince Rupert Golf Course Facebook page last week and outlines the surreptitious nature of the mystery duffer, who has been taking to the practice rounds when no one is around.

The unobserved practice rounds took place a number of times last week,  apparently with no regard for the Closed sign and apparently not inclined to repair the divots along the fringes and leaving multiple marks on the Greens.

There is however a clue for Golf Detectives to follow, a pencil from the  rather impressive Palm Springs Indian Canyon Golf Resort has been found on one of the greens.

No doubt, any tales of a record round at that particular resort over the course of the winter may raise a few eyes around town, as the Golf course society members try to track down this Phantom of the Fairways and Ghost of the Greens.

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