Saturday, October 31, 2015

A night of witches, ghouls, ghosts and monsters all of whom need to remember to set their clocks back

With Halloween and the annual fall ritual of turning the clocks back both coming on the same night, those heading out to into the night, might want to do a little preemptive clock changing before they depart.

While the tradition of the past is to turn the clocks back at 2 AM, with a Halloween Saturday we suspect more than a few will be fairly occupied at that particular point, no doubt happy to fit in another hour of party making into the Halloween night agenda.

For those with some party plans for the night perhaps pushing the time pieces back is best done before the chariots turn to pumpkins and Princes back into frogs.

For the rest of us with less exciting lives, remembering to turn the clocks back before retiring will probably do the trick.

With the bonus to go with it of allowing for an extra hour of sleep when Sunday morning arrives.

If inclined to a little research on this ritual of the fall and the spring see some of our items below, before you take to making the rounds of the homestead timepieces:

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