Monday, October 26, 2015

Flu Shots to be available November 2nd across Northern Health region

The first opportunity for Northwest residents to receive a flu shot will arrive on Monday, November 2nd, that's the date that Northern Health will launch its Fall immunization program at Public Health Clinics across the Northern Health Service region.

This years flu shot will be directed towards tackling the anticipated arrival of the following strains of flu.

A/California (H1N1)
A/Switzerland (H3N2)

Access to the flu shot is free of charge for residents of the region that meet the following conditions

People over 65 years and older and their caregivers/household contacts

People of any age in residential care facility

Children and adults with chronic health conditions and their household contacts

Aboriginal people on and off reserve

All healthy children ages 6 to 59 months of age

Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy during the influenza season and their household contacts

Visitors to health care facilities and other patient care locations

Northern Health has further information on who can receive the shot free of charge and what measures you can take in your daily life to reduce your exposure to the flu available here.

A list of Influenza Clinic Days and times for the Public Health Clinic can be found here. The Prince Rupert Public Health Clinic is located on the main level of the Ocean Centre mall at the Third Avenue Entrance to the building.

As it has in the past, the Flu shot will also be made available at local pharmacies across the region, their schedule for your opportunity to receive the shot there can be found at the various pharmacy locations in the city.

For a larger, provincial overview on the 2015-16 Flu season, see this item from Ministry of Health.

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