Monday, October 19, 2015

Rainmakers find success at CHSS hosted game day

Saturday's volleyball marathon provided some positive results for the home side, as the Charles Hays Senior Boys Rainmakers collected wins in all of their contests for the Saturday event at the CHSS gymnasium.

Four teams were in town for the frenzy of volleyball action at CHSS, with squads from the Bulkley Valley to Hadai Gwaii taking part in the Saturday play day. The results from a full day on the court went as follows.

9:30 AM Court One -- Centennial CS 28 vs Queen Charlotte Secondary 26
                                       Centennial CS 25 vs Queen Charlotte Secondary 8

9:30 AM Court Two -- Hazleton  25 vs Charles Hays 22
                                       Hazelton 9 vs Charles Hays 25
                                       Hazelton 5 vs Charles Hays 15

Caledonia had the first Bye of the day


10:45 AM Court One -- Caledonia 11 vs Charles Hays 25
                                         Caledonia 8 vs Charles Hays 25

10:45 AM Court Two -- Centennial CS 25 vs Hazelton 16
                                         Centennial CS 25 vs Hazelton 16

Queen Charlotte Secondary had the Bye


Noon Court One -- Queen Charlotte Secondary 25 vs Hazleton 14
                                 Queen Charlotte Secondary 22 vs Hazleton 25
                                 Queen Charlotte Secondary 13 vs Hazleton 15

Noon Court Two -- Caledonia  5 vs Centennial CS 25
                                 Caledonia  17 vs Centennial CS 25

Charles Hays had the Bye


1:15 PM -- Court One -- Hazelton  25 vs Caledonia 21
                                          Hazelton  25 vs Caledonia 17

1:15 PM -- Court Two -- Charles Hays 25 vs Queen Charlotte  20
                                          Charles Hays 25 vs Queen Charlotte  19
CCS had the Bye


2:30 PM  -- Court One -- Charles Hays 25 vs Centennial CS 17
                                           Charles Hays 23 vs Centennial CS 25
                                           Charles Hays 15 vs Centennial CS 11 

2:30 PM  -- Court Two -- Queen Charlotte 25 vs Caledonia 22
                                           Queen Charlotte 25 vs Caledonia 17
Hazelton had the Bye

Friday night the Rainmakers and Queen Charlotte matched up for three sets.

Charles Hays 25 vs Queen Charlotte Secondary 13
Charles Hays 25 vs Queen Charlotte Secondary 17
Charles Hays 25 vs Queen Charlotte Secondary 19

Other Rainmaker teams were on the road this weekend.

The Junior Boys squad won 2 and lost 1 match during their time in Terrace on Saturday, while the Junior Girls. using a short bench, claimed 1 victory and fell in two matches while in Smithers.

You can follow the latest developments from Rainmaker Sports from their twitter feed here.

See our archive page for more item on the Rainmaker Sports program at CHSS.

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