Sunday, October 18, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending October 18, 2015

Notes related to the City of Prince Rupert dominated the news flow for the last seven days, with a percolating dispute between some  civic centre users and the recreation centre  making for some Facebook commentary over the last week and generating the largest number of reads of the week.

Another item related to the city was popular this week, as our update on the arrival of a new Communications Manager for the City of Prince Rupert also found a large audience as we moved forward from Tuesday.

Readers also had a fair bit of interest into the long distance trek for both the Prince Rupert Port Authority and CN Rail, a journey to Asia which is putting Prince Rupert front and centre with the world's shipping companies. That as the two groups with a huge impact on the economy of the North Coast attended a transportation convention in China this week.

LNG was also another hot topic for the week, with a convention taking place in Vancouver which highlighted a number of the proposed projects for the region. That event also served as the backdrop for more comments from Pacific NorthWest LNG, which expressed confidence that it's plans will move forward in 2016.

Finding it's own strong share of the audience this week, were some details on some early in the school year changes at a number of local schools, as SD52 shuffles a few administrators around after the departure of Margo Cullen for the Gulf Islands.

However, the lead off item which found the largest audience of the week, proved to be the ongoing discussion related to Civic centre usage and the fall out from the policy in place of last week.

Dispute between Civic Centre and facility users bubbles over on Facebook -- Some concerns over seating availability at the Russell Gamble Gymnasium brings the Mayor into the discussion  (posted October 14, 2015)

That article was followed by:

Pacific NorthWest LNG looking to 2016 start for Terminal project -- During a week of discussions on LNG in British Columbia, the prognosis remains moving forward for the Port Edward LNG Terminal project (posted October 16, 2015)

Prince Rupert Port Authority, CN Rail take North Coast message to China  -- The Asian shipping community learned more about the Prince Rupert advantage at a trade convention this week in China  (posted  October 14, 2015)

A Voice to share the City's message   -- The City of Prince Rupert hires on a Communications Manager to deliver Mayor Brain and his City Council's message and ongoing plans (posted October 13, 2015)

School District departure makes for administration shifts at some schools -- With former Lax Keen Vice Principal Margo Cullen leaving for the Gulf Islands, School District 52 makes for an administrative shuffle  (posted October 14, 2015 )

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