Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending October 11, 2015

A number of oncoming weather systems, the election forum and a some more developments in a pair of energy terminal proposals for the North Coast dominated our list of five for the week.

With Environment Canada issuing a number of weather alerts and warnings in the late stages of the week, our item from Thursday offering up the first glimpse of what was expected to be coming the way of the North Coast dominated our views on the week.

The Prince Rupert Election forum also found a strong audience, with two of our reviews of the Wednesday night event of interest to our readers through the last few days.

Some reaction from the BC Government on a story out of Malaysia related to the Pacific NorthWest LNG project also found a wide audience, as did our look at some of the push back towards a string of positive media releases from the proponents of an oil terminal shipment facility for Grassy Point.

However, as it always seems to be, the weather made for the hottest topic of the week.

Batten down your hatches, there's a wicked one coming our way -- The early reports of the weekend's string of fall storms proved to be a popular destination to the end of the week  (posted October 7, 2015)

That article was followed by:

Snapshots from the 2015 Prince Rupert electoral forum  --  Despite being a fairly lengthy read, our look at Wednesday's Prince Rupert election forum found a large audience (posted October 8, 2015)

LNG issues bring out the rebuttal cards at Prince Rupert debate  -- A follow up item on the LNG aspect of the discussion related to the Prince Rupert election forum also was widely read these last few days  (posted  October 9, 2015)

B. C. Government says despite Malaysian report, Pacific NorthWest LNG project still moving forward  -- While a Malaysian newspaper was reporting of a potential deferral once again for Petronas, the BC Government was making the case that events are still working towards moving forward with the proposed terminal on Lelu Island (posted October 8, 2015)

Support not universal for Eagle Spirit pipeline proposal -- Another energy project proposed for the North Coast also made the news this week, with a stream of media releases from the proponents of the Eagle Spirit Pipeline project, a flow of information that some across B. C. say doesn't quite mean universal support for the proposed development  (posted October 6, 2015 )

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