Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween makes for a night of fun, but one with safety in mind

The ghosts, goblins, witches and other creatures of the night will be wandering the streets of the North Coast in just a few short hours, the annual ritual of trick or treating falling on a Saturday, which means more time to travel to more territory in the quest for as much candy as one can collect on this last night of October.

As we noted earlier in the week, the Civic Centre will be the home for a good portion of the city's Halloween seekers, with activities planned from 6 to 8 PM in the Gymnasiums, while the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre will also feature a pair of swims through the evening starting at 8 PM.

The annual Halloween Fireworks frenzy will bring the Civic Centre portion of the night to an end around the 8:15 PM as long as the winds remain calm.

For those that also travel the streets however, there are a number of safety notes to keep in mind to make sure that Halloween evening is as fun and safe as possible.

The British Columbia Children's Hospital has a few things for us to keep in mind tonight.

Stay together, keep costumes bright and easy to see by motorists, create a costume that allows the trick or treaters to see hazards, stay on pathways and don't take shortcuts to houses and have your parents or guardians check all the treats collected on the night.

The full listing of Safety suggestions can be viewed here.

Homeowners have a responsibility tonight as well, making sure that steps and laneways don't provide for any problem areas and that there is some light available for safe trick or treating, while motorists of course should be aware of the large volume of youngsters out and about tonight and drive accordingly during the key trick treat hours of 4-8 when our the North Coast night begins to settle in.

With Halloween arriving on the same night that we turn back the clocks, we imagine  that it allows for an extra hour for potential mischief makers this year.

Though we might suggest that the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP no doubt is more than prepared to deal with those that may take their Halloween observances a little too far and make life an annoyance for the various neighbourhoods of the city.

For those heading off to the Civic Centre, wandering the streets in search of treats or heading out to what should be a fairly fascinating party scene tonight, Have a Happy Halloweeen!

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