Friday, October 30, 2015

Taking Stock: North Coast Business Scene -- October 2015

We're test driving a new feature for the blog today, a compilation of business notes taken through the month to compliment our regular Commercial sector features.

Our Taking Stock item will provide a review of the month, listing the business openings and closings that we many have spotted over the previous four weeks, the feature a bit of a thumb nail guide to the months developments.

As we have in the past, from time to time we'll do up a more comprehensive look at some of the business stories in the region, those will continue to be found as part of our regular feed of items and archived on our Commercial sector page.


For the month of October, the restaurant scene provided for the majority of movement in the commercial area of the city, where we saw Naomi's Grill vacate the Rupert Square Mall, relocating to the old Fukasaku location (and Rain before it) on Second Avenue West.

The city also began to talk about the new Malaysian restaurant that recently opened in the city with Wau Cafe taking up the location that once hosted the Fairview Restaurant on Third Avenue West.

And while we may have gained one new restaurant, an old favourite closed its doors, with Herby's at Sixth and Second shutting down, directing their patrons down the street to Bamboo Shoot.

While were walking down that block of Second Ave West, we should note that Trayling's Tackle Shop is in the midst of their Store Closing Sale, winding down their operations in the city after a number of years downtown.

Next month will see yet one more change to the restaurant scene, as we outlined earlier this week, Pizza Hut is looking to a late November opening for their 3rd Avenue West location.

A tour of the Rupert Square Mall shows some change as well, as mentioned Naomi's has moved out, as well as the ice cream shop that was located beside, the equipment and such from the latter soon to debut as part of a new configuration for Eddies News on Second Avenue.

And while the shuttered spaces of the Mall still seem to compete with the open ones, there are some new shopping options at Rupert Square with Angel Automotive Leathers opening on the bottom floor.

On the same level the soon to open Pet Valu shop is in the final stages of stocking the shelves in the space that once was one of our many dollar store locations and well before that had the role as Prince Rupert's airport waiting room. They are currently seeking Part Time sales associates for their Prince Rupert store.

Remax Coast Realty has opened their new offices in the heart of the Third Avenue Commercial area, having constructed their building on a lot in the 500 block of the city's downtown core.

Third Avenue has also seen the debut of the Happy Little Clouds Art Studio, which features arts and crafts supplies as well as hosting an Art School, it's found at 251 3rd Avenue West.

And Further down Third to the east, The Le Blanc Boutique will be opening its doors on November 3rd at 413 3rd Avenue East in the Cow Bay area of the city.

You will be able to find the archive for Taking Stock as a part of our larger page dedicated to the commercial sector of the North Coast found here.

We imagine we probably have missed a few here or there, so if you know of a business having opened, or seen the Going out of business sign appear somewhere in the area, drop us a line at our email account of

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