Monday, October 26, 2015

Special Events Society to suggest shift to Canada Day for Civic Recognition Awards

The annual ceremony at Prince Rupert City Hall to recognize the recipients of the Civic Recognition Awards may soon be moved to a new day and a new venue, that is if City Council accepts a recommendation from the Special Events Society in the city.

In a letter to be presented to City Council tonight the Special Events Society will propose that the Civic Recognition Awards be included as part of the larger Canada Day ceremonies held at Mariner's Park.

The Special Events Society makes a strong case for its suggestion through its observation that the Canada Day event would allow for the recipients of the awards to receive more exposure and appreciation for their achievements, as well as provide for the opportunity to engage more residents in the city to seek out their own contribution to activities and organizations in the community.

You can review their suggestion for Council below.

Council will discuss the topic further and consider the request at this evenings meeting.

Last year the City recognized eight residents of the City for merit and appreciation, that ceremony took place at City Council Chambers on December 1st.

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Update: At the October 26th Council Session, Council members voted to accept the suggestion and shift the Civic Recognition Awards ceremony to the Canada Day celebrations.

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