Friday, October 23, 2015

BC Ferries to offer Fifty percent off savings in November

The cost of travel  on the Northern Expedition
and Haida Gwaill's Kwuna will be reduced by
50 percent in November, as BC Ferries
introduces reduced fares from Nov 15 to Dec 20

A chance to explore the routes of the British Columbia Ferry Service will bring fifty percent savings from the usual fares next month, as BC Ferries introduces a new promotional sailing schedule.

For the North Coast, the special rates go into effect from November 15th until December both on both the Prince Rupert - Port Hardy, Prince Rupert to Haida Gwaii and Skidegate To Alliford Bay runs.

The fifty percent reduction is for all sailings of the northern routes and applies to any standard passenger vehicle, recreational vehicle, car, motorcycle, truck, SUV, van or motor home  up to 20 feet in length.

The reduced fair does not include the driver or passenger fares.

The breakdown on savings can be reviewed from the chart below (click to expand):

BC Ferries President Mike Corrigan explained what the Ferry Service is looking to determine from the savings program and how they may put that information to use when they move to their Fare Flexibility initiative in 2017

“BC Ferries is offering discount travel to gauge our customers’ response to the concept of saving while travelling on off-peak sailings,” ... “As we progress with our Fare Flexibility and Digital Experience Initiative, set to roll out in 2017, we are gaining valuable information on shifting our pricing structure to offer savings based on time of day travel, a model commonly used in the transportation and travel industries.”

You can learn more about the current program, as well as what BC Ferries learned from their September initiative from this information release.

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