Thursday, October 22, 2015

They'll be doing it right on the Downtown side of town

One of Canada's longest lasting Blues Bands is set to make a trek into Prince Rupert this weekend, with Tom Lavin and the Powder Blues Band making the city one of the stops on their 37th Anniversary tour.

The Show takes place Friday night at 8:30 at the North Coast Meeting and Convention Centre, with tickets available at Chances Prince Rupert, the cost for tickets for the night of Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Rock and roll is set at 60 dollars.

The Band arrives in Prince Rupert after a September spent in both Ontario and the Lower Mainland, in addition to their stop here on Friday, they have a night planned in Kitimat for Saturday.

Since their debut close to forty years ago, the Powder Blues Band has won a number of BC Music awards as well as found success on  the national scene at the Junos, based on their work on over a dozen recordings over the years.

Through the years they have also been popular additions to Blues and Jazz festivals around the world over the course of their travels, hooking up with some of the legends of the music industry while on tour.

Some of the tunes you'll be bopping along to through the night could be Doin it Right, Hear that Guitar Ring, What've I Been Drinking and Boppin with the Blues to name but a few.

You can review a bit of their history through their tour website here.

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  1. Nice to see them back in Prince Rupert. Saw them in their heyday at 'TJ's' nightclub downtown on 2nd Ave. Great show back then, and I'm sure it will be again.