Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pacific NorthWest LNG provides update for City Council on project planning

Prior to the start of review of the regular agenda for Monday's Regular Council Session, representatives from Pacific NorthWest LNG provided Council members with a short update on the latest information related to their proposed LNG development for Lelu Island.

Ms. Tessa Gill and Mr. Derek Baker delivered a short slide show presentation to go along with their project review, offering up some background when it comes to the ongoing work to prepare for development should the company receive Federal approval at the end of their CEAA evaluation process.

Pacific NorthWest LNG outlined
the timeline that they are
working under when it comes
to the Lelu Island project
As part of the update, the Pacific NorthWest reps outlined the process to this point, noting that the company had moved forward with their plans on a conditional stage, while they await Federal approval for their development.

As part of the slide show presentation, the path to this point was provided, with the process now nearing the end of the CEAA review stage, should they receive the required approval, the final step would appear to be a final review by the company as to the financial viability of the project.

She also updated council on some of the approaches that the company has made with area First Nations as part of their engagement process.

Ms. Gill also reviewed the nature of the construction process and reinforced the design of the facility and how it is not located on Flora Bank, but adjacent to it and that they have removed the need for a major dredge in the area. Highlighting the suspension bridge as one of the ways that they have responded to community feedback.

As well she provided some further background on the results of the habitat studies that they have taken on as part of their planning for the project.

She observed that their studies have provided them with modelling data that suggests that there will be no significant impact on the marine environment or on Flora Bank, as well as offering up some details on the nature of their studies into the eel grass of the Flora Bank region.

Some of the work to this point
on the proposed terminal project was
outlined for Council on Monday evening
Pacific NorthWest LNG reps provided
a look at some of the environmental
work that they have done to date

In addition to the environmental items discussed, the Pacific NorthWest reps reminded Council of the upcoming educational opportunities available through NWCC for November offering residents of the community to prepare for potential jobs associated with the operation of the terminal.

Mayor Brain offered up the first of some questions from Council members,  asking for an outline as to any agreements that Pacific NorthWest LNG has signed with Lax Kw'alaams. While Ms. Gill did not offer up any specific details on any engagement with the Lax Kw'alaams First Nations government, she did note that the company has varying levels of engagement with all area First Nations regarding the investigative works related to the project.

Councillor Mirau asked if they had a timeline in mind for moving forward with the project. Ms. Gill noted that the situation was up to the regulator and that there were 100 days left on the regulatory clock. Noting if they accept their submission, there would be a need for consultation and Ministerial review, with the potential for further requirements.

In an answer on potential employment numbers form Councillor Kinney and Councillor Randhawa, the approximate number would be 300 full time employees of Pacific NorthWest, while another 300 full time positions through other contractors that could be created as part of other services required for the terminal complex.

Ms. Gill also noted that it was the preference of the company to hire local workers, though there would be the need for some experienced workers from outside of the city. When it comes to the construction aspect of the project, while the preference again is to hire local, there will be a requirement larger than the local workforce can provide.

Councillor Thorkelson followed up on the environmental modelling aspect of their work and seeking clarification  on what the process is in delivering that to CEAA and providing comments related to their previously submitted information.

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