Saturday, October 10, 2015

Third and Final weather disturbance on the way for Sunday, Wind Warning issued

Wind Warnings have again been
issued for the North Coast and
Haida Gwaii for Sunday
So far for the Prince Rupert area of the North Coast, the Thanksgiving weekend storms haven't provided for a lot to worry about, a few strong gusts of wind some on a sustained level and a fair bit of rain have made for much of the impact of the weather systems that have arrived to this point.

But for all the build up to Friday, it seems that Prince Rupert escaped the most of the main energy from the systems as they came ashore.

Today will see a focus on the rain and according to Environment Canada even the risk of a thunderstorm, as the day moves toward evening.

However the Sunday forecast is making for another challenging day for the region, calling for an increase in winds and heavy rain to arrive once again, with rainfall amounts to reach near 40 mm from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Earlier this morning Environment Canada issued a Wind Warning for the North Coast and Haida Gwaii calling for Southwest winds of 100 km over Haida Gwaii by mid-day Sunday spreading to the North Coast by mid afternoon. (click notice below to expand)

As for how wet has it been so far? According to the weather statistics from Environment Canada, Prince Rupert received 43.8 mm of rain on Thursday, with a further 17.3 mm of precipitation falling on Friday.

You can follow the forecast for the remainder of the weekend here, as well, with the arrival of strong winds once again, there may be further impact on the schedule of the BC Ferry Service, you can seek out more information on their sailings from their Service Notices section of their website.

As the we move towards Thanksgiving Day Monday, we'll keep an eye on the notices from Environment Canada and advise accordingly in our Alerts section of the blog.

You can review some of the media items related to the recent stormy conditions from our archive page here.

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