Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SD52 outlines its response to the NWCC Academy project

The Prince Rupert Board of
Education received a report last week,
responding to its request for more
information on the NWCC Academy
The introduction last summer of the NWCC Academy concept seems to have been something that has been on the mind of School District 52 officials for a while now, so much so, that at the October 13th School District meeting, Superintendent Sandra Jones offered up a review of the approach that the School District is taking when it comes to the project.

The NWCC option was introduced to the region back in early August, offering additional educational opportunities for students who might want to kick start their post secondary planning.

A tuition based program that is to be limited to an enrolment of just 25 students, the NWCC Academy option was designed to feature a low student-teacher ratio, providing for a schedule that works best for the students taking part in the program.

We outlined some of the background to the NWCC Academy here.

CFTK TV also highlighted the launch of the program in August, providing this review of the program and what it has to offer local parents and students looking towards the university or college years.

The debut of the program however seems to have also caught the eye of some members of the Board of Education at School District 52, which tasked the Superintendent to conduct a review of what SD 52 might have to offer students compared to what the NWCC option has outlined.

At last weeks School District meeting, Ms. Jones delivered her report, a power point presentation that compared the NWCC program with what the School District has available at the local post secondary schools.

The main thrust of her presentation was that the School District provides everything that is offered by the NWCC Academy, and according to Ms. Jones offers more.

Her full synopsis of the comparison can be found from an information release from the school district of last week.

The NWCC Academy program was
of some interest to SD52 Board
members last week
She did note one significant difference between the two options, observing that there is no tuition cost for a student enrolled with the School District option, but that parents must pay a considerable fee to NWCC to register for their academy program.

Still it is of interest to note, that a number of parents within the District are showing interest  in taking on that additional financial cost to access the program.

Which would seem to suggest that they are finding some value from the proposed NWCC Academy options and the school work that would be required of their children outside of what School District 52 is offering.

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