Friday, October 16, 2015

More change on the way for Cow Bay Waterfront

The Old fish plant dock located between
the Atlin and Northland Terminals
will soon be no more as demolition
gets underway this month
An old fish plant wharf will soon be no more as the Prince Rupert Port Authority announces it's plans to begin the demolition of the old Odin Seafood dock located between the Atlin Terminal and the Northland Cruise Ship Terminal.

The condemned wharf will be dismantled and disposed of through the next two months, it's expected that the work, to be conducted by Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance will wrap up by December of this year.

The demolition crews are expected to be on the sit as early as this weekend.

You can learn more about the demolition work here.

With the demolition of the old wharf, many in town will be watching with interest to see what it may herald as far as the evolution of the city's waterfront in the Atlin Terminal/Cow Bay area.

The new Marina and boardwalk at
Cow Bay will provide a new look
for the Waterfront area near the
Atlin Terminal
Already, there has been some significant change to the dynamic of the Cow Bay area, with the development of the still to be officially opened Marina and Boardwalk finger into the heart of the Cow Bay harbour area.

The Port has long had a proposal to re-energize the entire area with an ambition re-development plan,  with one proposal listed on its website outlining how back in  March of 2012 the Port visualized the potential for development of the area, you can review that here.

Other notes on some of the ideas for the waterfront area on the east side of the downtown core can be reviewed below:

June 2015 -- A glimpse into what could be the future of Cow Bay
May 2012 -- PRPA holds Public Open House
May 2012 -- Port will reveal vision for Cow Bay

The City has long had an interest in how the Cow Bay area may be developed, with a number of reviews and studies conducted from the City of Prince Rupert's point of view, with one of the early reviews of the idea of redevelopment going back to 1985.

The City of Prince Rupert has had some interest
in the Cow Bay Area and development plans
going back to the 1980's

Things however really began to pick up a bit of steam with the Waterfront East Land Use engagement process, which the City began its work on in the early months of 2012.

The full range of the City's consultations, proposals and overviews can be reviewed here.

Close to four years since we first started hearing of some exciting ideas for the Cow Bay area, residents will most likely be anxious to see some progress and some background on how that much coveted area of the city may one day be changed and opened up to those that live here.

For more items related to the Prince Rupert Port Authority see our archive page here.

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