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From the House of Commons 2016 Archive

Items of Note, both local and national about the work of Nathan Cullen, the NDP MP for Skeena - Bulkley Valley in the capital, as well as other items from the Federal Governments actions which may impact on the Northwest.

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MP Nathan Cullen (NDP)
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General Overview of notes of interest from the Federal Political Scene

A mulling Mr. Cullen (tracking the news coverage related to the NDP leadership race)

Electoral Reform committee (updates on the progress of the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform which Mr. Cullen is a member of)


December 23 -- Nathan Cullen's Christmas media tour  NCR
December 16 -- A Christmas Gathering with Mr. Cullen and Ms. Rice  NCR
December 7 -- Cullen, Committee for Electoral Reform submit report to government
December 1 -- Electoral reform Committee releases report calling for a referendum


November 24 -- MP Nathan Cullen gives electoral reform update (audio)
November 21 -- Local MP's call on Ottawa to restore funding to tackle mountain beetles
November 16 -- MP Nathan Cullen recognized as one of Maclean's parliamentarians of the year
November 16 -- Northwest NDP MP recognized for speaking ability
November 16 -- Cullen says NDP would support a referendum on electoral reform
November 16 -- Cullen named Parliament's Best Orator by Maclean's magazine
November 10 -- B.C. government's hopes for Prince Rupert elements in Ocean Protection Plan, seemingly left on the shelf after roll out  NCR
November 10 -- MP Nathan Cullen says work continues on a report about Electoral reform (audio)
November 9 -- Cullen says Americans inquiring about Canada following divisive election campaign
November 9 -- MP Nathan Cullen reacts to Donald Trump becoming President-elect of the Unites States (audio)
November 9 -- MP Nathan Cullen takes issue with Ocean Protection Plan not including tanker ban
November 9 -- BC MP Nathan Cullen back home after U. S. tour during election
November 9 -- Cautious Optimism the theme for many First Nations on Federal Oceans Plan  NCR
November 8 -- Cullen says Americans will make history tonight - one way or the other
November 8 -- Federal Government sets sail with marine protection program for West Coast waters  NCR
November 7 -- Nathan Cullen's electoral tour of America nears end, with voting day tomorrow  NCR
November 3 -- MP Nathan Cullen Goes south for a taste of the US election
November 2 -- Federal infrastructure funding proves elusive for Prince Rupert  NCR


October 21 -- Nathan Cullen outlines results of Electoral Reform findings  NCR
October 19 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls once again for coastal oil tanker ban following spill
October 19 -- Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has many concerns on EA Process related to Lelu Island project  NCR
October 18 -- MP Nathan Cullen heading to the United States for their election (audio)
October 18 -- Tugboat Fuel Spill on BC Coast a 'Warning,' says NDP MP 
October 18 -- Nathan Cullen renews call for fishery adjacency on North Coast  NCR
October 17 -- Nathan Cullen to be a part of U.S. election observer program (video)
October 14 -- MP Nathan Cullen wants moratorium on tanker traffic following tug and barge that ran aground near Bella Bella (audio)
October 14 -- MP Nathan Cullen saddened by death of former Alberta Premier Jim Prentice (audio)
October 14 -- Nathan Cullen on the death of Jim Prentice (video)
October 5  -- No reason for Enbridge, government to proceed: Cullen


September 29 -- Trudeau Liberals feel the heat from NDP and Conservatives on Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR
September 28 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen expands on his disappointment with Tuesday's Pacific NorthWest LNG approval  NCR
September 28 -- Ranked ballots seek majorities (Letter to editor)
September 23 -- Proportional voting system favoured according to poll from town hall
September 23 -- Why high-profile candidates may be sitting out Conservative, NDP leadership races
September 22 -- NP Nathan Cullen pleased that Northern Gateway won't appeal court's decision
September 19 -- MP Nathan Cullen hosting telephone townhall on electoral reform
September 16 -- Nathan Cullen to host Telephone Town Hall on Democratic Reform this Monday  NCR
September 16 -- MP Nathan Cullen wants your help in making annual riding calendar
September 9 -- Electoral Reform Town Hall in Smithers at the Old Church tonight at 7, discussing changes to the voting system
September 9 -- Northwest B.C. MP wants to 'mix' up voting
September 9 -- MP Nathan Cullen continues his electoral reform townhalls (audio)
September 9 --- Electoral reform session in Kitimat (video)
September 8 -- Cullen Townhall sessions in Northwest BC (video)
September 6 -- MP Cullen to host Electoral Change Discussion at NWCC tonight  NCR
September 2 -- MP Cullen holding electoral reform open house in Smithers Next Friday
September 2 -- Weigh in on electoral reform with Cullen


August 31 -- Federal Minister to join Cullen Townhall in Kitimat next week
August 26 -- Electoral reform: Moving beyond first-past-the-post voting system
August 26 -- Buy a Burger -- Support a Bear: Cullen hosts Fundraising BBQ in Smithers today
August 25 -- Electoral reform townhalls throughout the Northwest
August 25 -- Burgers and Bears (video)
August 17 -- Cullen wants changes to the fisheries system
August 19 -- Nathan Cullen to host Smithers Wildlife Shelter bear fundraiser (audio)
August 15 -- Cullen wants feds to hold promises on affordable housing
August 15 -- Nathan Cullen on voting reform (video)
August 15 -- Cullen on fish farm aspect of Cohen Report (video)
August 15 -- Cullen on Cohen Report
August 15 -- Cullen excited by Tidal Power project on Haida Gwaii
August 12 -- Nathan Cullen on Haida Gwaii power proposal (video)
August 12 -- Electoral reform town hall set for September 9 in Smithers
August 4 -- MP and MLA hosting community BBQ today  NCR


July 29 -- Standing room only at electoral reform town hall with Green Party leader
July 29 -- Why a referendum on electoral reform? Because this isn't ordinary legislation
July 29 -- MPs devoting the summer to electoral reform; a look at what they've heard so far
July 27 -- Election law needs update to deal with Twitter, Facebook watchdog says
July 20 -- Cullen to discuss electoral reform next week in Ottawa
July 14 -- Skeena candidates reveal federal election expenses


June 29 -- MP Nathan Cullen has made infrastructure priorities for the Skeena-Bulkley Valley
June 16 -- City Council to invite Fisheries Mnister to Prince Rupert to discuss fisheries issues  NCR
June 8 -- Nathan may say No, but his supporters look to change his mind  NCR
June 7 -- UFAWU-Unifor take fishery issues to Ottawa NCR
June 4 -- Nathan Cullen decides against NDP leadership run  NCR
June 3 -- Cullen won't run for federal NDP leadership
June 3 -- Hold the applause please: Liberal MPs opt for no-clapping policy in question period
June 2 -- The Liberals endorsed NDP democratic reform proposal from Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen
June 2 -- Liberals back down on electoral committee, support NDP changes
June 2 -- Liberals' reversal on electoral reform is good for democracy
June 2 -- Liberals back NDP idea for electoral reform committee, giving up majority control
June 2 -- Trudeau on why Liberals gave up electoral reform committee majority
June 2 -- Liberals agree to give majority to Opposition on electoral reform committee
June 1 -- 'A clear defence against partisan trickery': NDP motion could nullify Liberals' majority on electoral reform


May 30 -- Signs Liberals may be wavering on electoral reform
May 26 -- Nathan Cullen nears decision on NDP leadership (video)
May 26 -- Town Hall Meeting in Houston with MP Nathan cullen speaking about infrastructure spending
May 25 -- Employment Insurance overhaul welcomed by MP Nathan Cullen
May 20 -- Hopefully MPs are merely playing a vastly cynical game over Trudeau’s shenanigans
May 18 -- Pipeline politics: NEB set to unveil TransMountain report
May 16 -- Consulting the people through a referendum is the only way to make changing fundamental law legitimate
May 15 -- Why would Cullen want leader's job? 
May 13 -- Cullen on Enbridge Northern Gateway project (video)
May 14 -- Liberal approach to electoral reform under fire
May 14 -- Nathan Cullen leery of running for NDP leadership
May 12 -- Liberals' process for electoral reform leaves little room for compromise
May 11 -- Trudeau government creating committee to study electoral reform and replace first-past-the-post system


April 29 -- Nathan Cullen recounts past South American kidnapping experience (audio)
April 25 -- Cullen calls on Trudeau to follow through on Tanker Ban (audio)
April 20 -- Is Nathan cullen joining the NDP leadership race?
April 16 -- Mr Cullen ponders a run at federal NDP leadership
April 16 -- What's the NDP all about anyway?
April 12 -- MP Nathan Cullen weighs in on Port Authority Letter to Lelu Island and Leadership Bid (audio)
April 12 -- Hereditary Chiefs take their response to Prince Rupert Port Authority to the Prime Minister's Office  NCR
April 12 -- Cullen Considers leadership (video)
April 11 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen on running for NDP leadership
April 11 -- Nathan Cullen isn't playing politics with physician-assisted dying (video)
April 11 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen talks possible leadership run and why parts of the Leap Manifesto makes him "uncomfortable" (audio)
April 8 -- Cullen heads to convention as leader Mulcair's fate to be determined  NCR


March 23 -- Friday, March 18 ... a good day for all of us
March 22 -- Nathan Cullen says Federal Budget is about Big Numbers Giving, Small Print Taking (audio)
March 22 -- Cullen shares his thoughts on Federal Budget
March 22 -- Nathan Cullen on Federal Budget (video)
March 22 -- Northwestern B.C.'s economic growth
March 22 -- Northern MPs dispute impact of Pacific NorthWest LNG
March 21 -- Cullen hoping for Infrastructure Money to the Northwest in Tomorrow's Federal Budget
March 21 -- Northern MPs trade words on Pacific NorthWest LNG
March 18 -- Nathan Cullen demanding BC Ferries subsidy improvements (video)
March 17 -- Cullen says Lelu Island too great a risk for LNG project
March 17 -- Cullen still concerned with Pacific NorthWest location
March 17 -- Nathan Cullen on Pacific NorthWest LNG issues (video)
March 11 -- Coast Guard union takes Marine Communications issues to Ottawa Committee session  NCR
March 2 -- Nathan Cullen takes to the skies with Global's Tom Clark NCR
March 2 -- MP open to LNG site switch meet
March 2 -- NDP pushing Ottawa to fix "Broken" EI system
March 2 -- Nathan Cullen proposes new location for Pacific NorthWest LNG project (video)
March 1 -- Move PNW project from Lelu to Ridley
March 1 -- Cullen continues Tour in Hazelton Wedensday


February 28 -- Cullen hopes to slip Beastie Boys lyric into Commons speech (video)
February 24 -- CEAA report's science not satisfactory: Cullen
February 23 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls on Federal Liberals to live up to commitments on First Nations engagement on Site C issue  NCR
February 22 -- NDP environment critic Nathan Cullen puts federal feet to the fire on Site C dam
February 17 -- Cullen calls Legacy Fund changes "Bizarre"
February 17 -- Cullen recaps Town Hall investment tour
February 16 -- Cullen not satisfied with TPP deal
February 16 -- City water facility in dire straits
February 12 -- Nathan Cullen continues Northwest Town Hall Sessions (video)
February 9 -- Cullen voices concern over TPP
February 7 -- Cullen urges Feds to Make Democratic Reform "Truley Democratic"
February 5 -- NDP wants to use proportional representation to decide fate of first-past-the-post
February 5 -- MP urges Feds to ease customs duty for northwestern B. C. LNG project
February 5 -- Huckleberry Mine to shut down completely, says MP
February 5 -- Nathan Cullen's Northwest Town Halls (video)
February 5 -- MP Nathan Cullen reacts to Bulkley Valley mine closure (video)
February 3 -- Ballot Breakdown in Terrace
February 3 -- MP outlines process for Northwest residents to deliver petitions to House of Commons  NCR
February 4 -- Cullen calling for all Party Talks for Electoral Reform


January 29 -- Nathan Cullen on assessment process changes for energy projects  (video)
January 29 -- Federal Government announces new environmental assessment guidelines  NCR
January 25 -- Cullen questions Liberal tanker ban
January 25 -- Mine Layoffs reaction from MP Nathan Cullen (video)
January 25 -- Tsimshian Nations take issue with lack of consultation on Lelu Island Declaration  NCR
January 25 -- Salmon Nation Summit ends with signing of Lelu Island Declaration  NCR
January 25 -- Coalition says No to LNG project at Lelu Island
January 22 -- Cullen update on Huckleberry situation
January 22 -- Trudeau's Natural Resource Comments Miss the Point Says MP Cullen
January 22 -- Nathan Cullen 'confounded' on Lelu Island Science (video)
January 22 -- Cullen seeks consultation with constituents over Cannery Closure  NCR
January 21 -- MP Nathan Cullen sets February 9th for Town hall on Infrastructure in Prince Rupert NCR
January 15 -- Federal Transport Minister makes North Coast stop, tours Coast Guard base, meets local officials  NCR
January 12 -- Nathan Cullen looks to partner with City of Prince Rupert for infrastructure forum  NCR
January 11 -- A change at the top as Ridley Terminals reportedly looks to diversify from coal  NCR
January 11 -- Nathan Cullen calls for Auditor General investigation into Ridley Terminals appointment  NCR
January 8 -- Haisla Nation and Kitimat invite Prime Minister Trudeau to visit
January 8 -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited to Kitimat ( video )
January 6 -- Cullen speaks to Huckleberry closure

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