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From the Legislature 2016

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments in the northwest ridings .

North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice (NDP MLA)
Member of the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth
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(our review of MLA Rice's contributions at the Legislature)

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General Overview Notes on the British Columbia Political Scene



December 21 -- Four officially in race for Skeena NDP nomination
December 20 -- Province 'disappointed' Prince Rupert won't be part of transit plan
December 20 -- North Coast Liberals to select candidate in late January  NCR
December 16 -- A Christmas Gathering with Mr. Cullen and Ms. Rice  NCR
December 12 -- Former Premier, North Coast MLA Dan Miller weighs in again on resource development  NCR


November 25 -- NDP bearish when it comes to grizzly protection  NCR
November 24 -- Province to extend implemenation period for new curriculum; shift timetable for FSA tests  NCR
November 16 -- The following is a free time political podcast ...   NCR
November 10 -- B. C. government's hopes for Prince Rupert elements in Ocean Protection Plan, seemingly left on the shelf after roll out  NCR
November 9 -- Herb Pond to launch second quest for the Legislature for B. C. Liberals  NCR
November 7 -- Premier makes note of Pacific NorthWest LNG decision and theme of cooperation in letter to City council  NCR


October 24 -- MLA Rice outlines concerns over Bella Bella fuel spill NCR
October 18 -- Dismissal of Vancouver School Board could set the tone on larger education issues for Spring election  NCR
October 17 -- MLA Rice on Bella Bella fuel spill (video)
October 12 -- Empty promises are disappointing, dangerous ( Guest Editorial)
October 7 -- Demographics key to northwestern B.C. Liberal candidate's hopes
October 7 -- John Horgan in the Northwest (video)
October 7 -- SQCRD receives Provincial approval on proposed name change  NCR
October 6 -- British Columbia government approves transportation funding for Prince Rupert  NCR
October 6 -- Teachers union outlines challenges for education on North Coast for Finance Commitee NCR
October 6 -- BC NDP leader John Horgan visiting Northwest BC
October 6 -- BC Minister Fassbender is ready to look over Municipal spending  NCR
October 6 -- Continued growth and opportunity seen for Port facilities in Prince Rupert  NCR
October 5 -- Stark statistical count provided for BC Finance Committee when it comes to housing concerns in the NorthWest  NCR
October 5 -- Hays 2.0 and Airport access the focus for City in Finance Committee presentation NCR
October 5 -- UFAWU delivers call for Provincial support on adjacency concepts for North Coast Fishery NCR
October 4 -- UFAWU message for Budget consultations in Prince Rupert (video)
October 4 -- Fourteen delegations make presentations to Provincial Finance Committee in Prince Rupert  NCR
October 3 --  No word on Terrace hospital funds just yet
October 3 -- Prince Rupert sessions for BC Budget consultation (video)
October 3 -- UFAWU members to press their employment concerns for Government panel today  NCR
October 3 -- Provincial Budget consultation session in Prince Rupert today  NCR
October 1 -- North Coast MLA Rice joins chorus of comments on Pacific NorthWest LNG approval NCR


September 30 -- Province releases Prince Rupert Air Shed Study; states region can accomodate industrial growth  NCR
September 30 -- NDP's John Horgan offers up a shift in provincial/municipal relations for UBC M members NCR
September 29 -- Premier Clark test drives a few electoral themes for UBCM gathering NCR
September 28 -- For Pacific NorthWest LNG project, all roads now lead to Kuala Lumpur  NCR
September 27 -- BC Government invests 1.6 million dollars in Trades Funding for NWCC  NCR
September 20 -- Dear Mr. Minister ... MLA Rice takes Prince Rupert housing concerns to Rich Coleman  NCR
September 20 -- Province announces $500M Housing program, but with few details on which communities will benefit  NCR
September 18 -- Brooks again BC Conservative leader
September 16 -- Fourth person enters northwestern B.C. NDP nomination race
September 12 -- Premier Clark introduces Haisla Chief Councillor Ellis Ross as Liberal candidate for Skeena  NCR
September 7 -- Central Coast to see return of summer ferry services in 2018  NCR
September 7 -- NWCC to share in 2.3 million dollars for First Nations Education Plan NCR
September 1 -- North Coast MLA steps in to seek answers for Prince Rupert patients  NCR 


August 28 -- Government ducking its duties for a new Terrace hospital
August 26 -- Third person makes bid for northwestern B.C. NDP nomination
August 25 -- Second Potential Skeena NDP Candidate Steps Forward
August 25 -- NDP leader backs call for a new Mills Memorial Hospital
August 24 -- Royal Tour of Haida Gwaii announced (video)
August 24 -- A second potential NDP candidate for Skeena steps forward
August 23 -- Sarah Zimmerman declares for NDP candidacy in Skeena (video)
August 23 -- Bearer of Bad News
August 23 -- Time isn't right for LNG: Horgan
August 23 -- Zimmerman Hoping to represent in Skeena in 2017 BC election
August 22 -- First declaration for NDP nomination in Skeena
August 22 -- Horgan hears the issues during tour by motorhome
August 20 -- Election year carrots
August 19 -- John Horgan tour of the Northwest (video)
August 18 -- John Horgan Northwest tour (video)
August 18 -- John Horgan answers questions about LNG, Highway 16 and Liberals (audio)
August 18 -- BC NDP leader John Horgan at Terrace City council
August 18 -- New Democrat Leader John Horgan comes to Prince Rupert
August 17 -- Horgan on the road this week touring Highway 16 corridor
August 17 -- NDP Leader cruising Highway 16
August 17 -- B.C. NDP leader John Horgan on "Camping" Tour Through Highway 16 corridor
August 16 -- Horgan to embark on Week-Long Highway 16 Camping Tour
August 10 -- MLA to host final Brown Bag Lunch in the Park session with constituents this Friday NCR
August 4 -- MP and MLA hosting community BBQ today  NCR
August 3 -- Status of the Prince Rupert Airshed Study report  (video)


July 28 -- Bruised MLA wins lawsuit for nasty campaign defamation
July 27 -- MLA celebrates local brewery with comments to Legislature  NCR
July 27 -- Jennifer Rice takes to Legislature floor to speak on Bill 27 changes to Human Rights Act  NCR
July 26 -- NDP outline Power BC energy plan for British Columbia  NCR
July 22 -- Austin awarded $75,000 in defamation suit
July 21 -- MLA Rice on Voice of BC (video)
July 21 -- Skeena MLA awarded $75,000 in civil supreme court defamation case
July12 -- LNG Canada announcement latest setback for Northwest LNG plans  NCR
July 12 -- Vancouver housing issues on the agenda for recall of Legislature  NCR
July 6 -- BC Liberals begin to ramp up their election machine  NCR


June 16 -- MLA Rice awaits details on Province's transportation plans for Highway 16  NCR
June 15 -- Community to Community transportation listed among the items in funding for Highway 16 plan  NCR
June 6 -- Housing issues dominate inquiries at MLA Rice's office  NCR


May 26 -- Premier Clark takes trade discussions to Asia once again, with LNG one of the main topics on the agenda  NCR
May 20 -- School District 52 to receive $225,000 in provincial money from "fix-it" fund  NCR
May 20 -- Spring session at BC Legislature comes to an end  NCR
May 12 -- Rural health themes mark lengthy exchange in Legislature between MLA Rice and Health Minister Lake  NCR
May 11 -- Adoption issues subject of Legislature Statements Monday  NCR
May 11 -- Alaska raises its concerns over BC mining oversight  NCR
May 6 -- North Coast NDP to host AGM on May 14th  NCR
May 4 -- MLA Rice raises Banks Island Gold Mine issues in Legislature  NCR
May 3 --  Rice speaks out on Banks Island gold Operation (video)
May 3 -- NDP MLA Robin Austin will not run in the next provincial election (video)
May 3 -- Northwestern B. C. MLA won't run again


April 28 -- MLA's civil case wraps up after two weeks
April 20 -- MLA Rice leads provincial health tour
April 18 -- Rice channels Horgan and Cullen in recent newspaper interview  NCR
April 13 -- LNG is possible on North Coast: Rice (pg 3 N View e edition)
April 12 -- MLA Rice speaks to the need for better staffing at Seniors facilities  NCR
Aprl 8 -- BCTF provides strong support for Jennifer Rice's Safe Water for School's Act   NCR
April 7 -- MLA Rice introduces private members bill on water testing for Schools  NCR
April 6 -- Rice speaks to need for better forest fire fighting resources and funding  NCR
April 5 -- MLA seeks provincial support for Prudhomme Lake Recreation area  NCR
April 1 -- BC Conservative announce leadership convention this fall
April 1 -- Province preparing to launch 75 million dollar BC Rural Dividend  NCR


March 23 -- NDP would cast wide net should Skeena MLA Robin Austin retire
March 23 -- Friday, March 18 ... a good day for all of us
March 17 -- MLA Rice speaks in support of Bill Two on Great Bear Rainforest, but urges caution on future use  NCR
March 11 -- Cabinet Minister John Rustad speaks to Tsimshian agreement, Lelu Island project and other First Nations issues  NCR
March 11 -- At the Legislature, Jennifer Rice salutes Chamber of Commerce Award winners  NCR
March 10 -- MLA Rice on water testing in Prince Rupert (video)
March 10 -- MLA Rice tests the water at local social housing units, finds levels of lead as too high  NCR
March 8 -- Premier says Petronas not threatening to walk away from LNG project
March 8 -- Province of British Columbia commits 9 million towards Tsimshian Roundtable initiative  NCR
March 8 -- Rice tackles Disability issues and Red Tape reduction themes in late Monday Legislature Session NCR
March 8 -- North Coast MLA returns to theme of testing of water for Northwest  NCR
March 4 -- Haida Gwaii's Mount Moresby Adventure Camp raised in Legislature Committee Session NCR
March 2 -- In Committee Session, North Coast MLA raises three questions on environmental concerns NCR
March 1 -- Provincial rainforest regulation (video)
March 1 -- Donaldson sending local teen to Canucks game for problem solving


February 25 -- BC School Water Tests (video)
February 25 -- Lead worries prompt more tests of water in schools
February 23 -- MLA calls for expanded testing of water in Northwest schools  NCR
February 23 -- MLA Rice speaks out in support of Representative for Children and Youth  NCR
February 19 -- Rice celebrates Cow Bay Marina completion and opening  NCR
February 19 -- NDP continues to make SD52 water concerns part of Legislature debate  NCR
February 18 -- Prince Rupert Water update (video)
February 18 -- Parents fear impacts of lead on children in northern B. C. schools: NDP
February 18 -- MLA Rice raises School District lead levels issue in Legislature  NCR
February 17 -- North Coast MLA on Prince Rupert water issues (video)
February 17 -- "How long have they known?" North Coast MLA wants answers after high levels of lead found in Prince Rupert schools' water (audio)
February 17 -- School District 52 sends out advisory to parents over elevated lead levels ine water at four local schools  NCR
February 13 -- MLA expands on themes from Legislature speech; calls for apology from Premier Clark NCR
February 12 -- MLA Rice dissects Liberals Speech From the Throne talking points  NCR
February 11 -- Skeena NDP MLA hints at retirement
February 10 -- British Columbia Government holds to LNG ambitions, sets positioning points for year ahead  NCR
February 9 -- Throne speech fails to impress NDP
February 4 -- NDP Leader John Horgan becoming a man of letters, opinion and LNG Observations  NCR
February 3 -- Melanie Mark's Nisga'a and Gitxsan roots provide Northwest connection to by-election success Tuesday Night  NCR
February 2 -- B. C. LNG not the 'greenest'
February 2 -- Province, First Nations and Industry sign Great Bear Rainforest Agreement NCR


January 29 -- Provincial population estimates for Prince Rupert at odds with those of the City NCR
January 28 -- Northwest B.C. NDP MLA at odds with First Nations over LNG site
January 27 -- Clark needs Trudeau to approve Pacific NorthWest LNG project
January 27 -- Expect LNG to remain a B. C. political football
January 26 -- B. C. Premier Christy Clark strikes back at LNG opponents
January 25 -- Premier Clark battles B. C.'s forces of No,' on LNG, trade deal; says she's no quitter
January 25 -- Clark battles 'forces of No' on B. C.  LNG project
January 25 -- NDP MLAs sign anti-LNG declaration
January 25 -- Tsimshian Nations take issue with lack of consultation on Lelu Island Declaration  NCR
January 25 -- BC Premier says "Forces of No" behind Lelu Island Declaration (audio)
January 25 -- Coalition says No to LNG project at Lelu Island
January 25 -- Salmon Nation Summit ends with signing of Lelu Island Declaration  NCR
January 19 -- Elections BC on the search for local officials for 2017 Provincial election  NCR
January 16 -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice hails court judgement on Northern Gateway  NCR
January 11 -- Skeena MLA urges affordable transit

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