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Housing Issues of the Northwest

An Archive for 2016 of items related to Housing for the North West.


November 25 -- BC Assessment conducting property assessments in the city  NCR
November 23 -- 86 affordable housing units for seniors and families on the North Coast
November 23 -- Five North Coast projects included in BC government's affordable housing announcement from Tuesday  NCR
November 22 -- Affordable housing project closer to reality in Terrace
November 21 -- CDI Housing Study highlights trends for Prince Rupert housing stock, population and pace of development  NCR
November 18 -- Council delays decision on zoning request for Skyline Manor area pending further information  NCR
November 17 -- Province providing money for emergency shelters across B.C.
November 15 -- Cedars motel in Terrace may become affordable housing units
November 15 -- Terrace motel up for conversion into fixed income housing


October 17 -- Terrace's extreme weather shelter opens early
October 17 -- Prince Rupert real estate sees few changes in third quarter Real Estate results from BCNREB  NCR
October 5 -- Housing projects need density for population growth
October 5 -- Stark statistical count provided for BC Finance Committee when it comes to housing concerns in the Northwest  NCR
October 4 -- Homeless Solutions proposed for Kitimat (video)


September 22 -- City Council tackles the affordable housing shortage
September 20 -- Dear Mr. Minister ... MLA Rice takes Prince Rupert housing concerns to Rich Coleman  NCR
September 20 -- Province announces $500M Housing program, but with few details on which communities will benefit  NCR
September 14 -- Searching for shelter with renovictions on the rise


August 8 -- Graham Avenue land sale gains a bit of out of town attention  NCR


July 29 -- Drake Crescent housing development gains Council approval  NCR
July 29 -- City Council adds Seniors Housing requirement and development timeline covenants to Graham Avenue land sale  NCR
July 28 -- Ksan House purchases new homeless shelter
July 28 -- Ksan Shelter plans (video)
July 28 -- Terrace homelessness benefit concert in the works
July 26 -- Prince Rupert zoning amendment (video)
July 27 -- Property values rise in the North
July 22 -- Shelter struggles: Terrace seeks to address soaring homelessness
July 20 -- New Terrace development planned following agricultural land rezone
July 20 -- City Council puts focus on Alternative Approval results as topic for Special Council session tonight  NCR
July 18 -- City set to move on land issue off Graham after AAP results released  NCR
July 13 -- Terrace realtors expect 'business as usual' despite industry overhaul
July 12 -- Poverty and housing top concerns for Northern Health
July 12 -- Terrace's Graham Avenue property rezoned residential after public hearing
July 7 -- Second quarter Real Estate results show similar trends from this time one year ago  NCR
July 5 -- Society shelves affordable housing project


June 10 -- King Edward School Site the focus of upcoming forum on Seniors Housing and Health  NCR
June 6 -- Housing issues dominate inquiries at MLA Rice's office  NCR


May 30 -- Affordable housing grant gets approved by Terrace council
May 28 -- City Hall protestors add petition to Terrace homelessness efforts
May 24 -- Homeless protest continues at Terrace City Hall
May 16 -- Homeless Terrace citizens protest in front of city hall
May 12 -- Terrace homeless shelter search back to square one
May 5 -- More units added to proposed Terrace affordable housing proposal


April 28 -- Council votes against new homeless shelter rezone
April 27 -- Rupert property sales up over early 2015
April 26 -- Rupert Housing analysis (video)
April 26 -- Terrace shelter decision (video)
April 25 -- More than 100 homeless in Terrace
April 25 -- Terrace Homeless count (video)
April 14 -- Homeless count taking place in Terrace next week
April 14 -- The state of homelessness in Terrace (video)
April 12 -- Public hearing on Terrace homeless shelter delayed
April 12 -- Prince Rupert realty numbers show lower volume available, but higher selling prices  NCR
April 12 -- Ksan Housing Society proposal for shelter location (video)
April 8 -- Proposed Terrace shelter location draws oposition and support
April 6 -- Shelter Debate in Terrace (video)
April 4 -- New housing complex nears completion and seeks tenants  NCR
April 1 -- Terrace homeless shelter plan draws opposition
April 1 -- New Location found for extreme weather homeless shelter in Terrace


March 31 -- Plans to relocate shelter facing opposition (audio)
March 31 -- Terrace Weather Shelter Application (video)
March 30 -- Terrace responds to coroners inquest recommendations
March 30 -- City of Terrace to take part in detox centre planning
March 29 -- City's Housing committee gets closer to delivering Report to Province  NCR
March 28 -- Affordable housing project planned for Southside Terrace
March 22 -- Kitimat considers rezoning for affordable housing project (video)
March 9 -- Kanata School land zoning issue is deferred once again, set to return for March 21st session  NCR
March 7 -- Kanata School land question back in front of Council tonight  NCR
March 2 -- Terrace homeless shelter shuts down early


February 24 -- Drake Crescent zoning decision deferred until March session NCR
February 15 -- Public Hearing for East side housing proposal set for February 22nd NCR
February 2 -- Kitimat Council moves forward on mobile home park (video)
February 2 -- Building a Refuge for Refugees in Prince Rupert  (audio)


January 29 -- Provincial population estimates for Prince Rupert at odd with those of the City  NCR
January 29 -- Drake Crescent housing proposal to go to Public Hearing in late February  NCR
January 21 -- Year end numbers note decline in sales and financials for North Coast Real Estate in 2015  NCR
January 18 -- Zoning delays on Kanata lands has School District seeking answers from City of Prince Rupert  NCR
January 13 -- Affordable housing continues to dominate Council discussions at start of year  NCR
January 7 -- Housing development for Terrace remains in limbo
January 5 -- Property assessment impact on Kitimat (video)
January 5 -- The trouble with your 2016 property assessment notice
January 5 -- 2016 Property Assessments in the mail (audio)
January 5 -- North Coast Property Assessments in the Mail  NCR

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