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Industrial Development 2016 -- The Fishing Industry

Our archive of items of note on developments in the Fishing sector of the Northwest



October 27 -- Ecotrust Canada presentation highlights community engagement on the North Coast  NCR
October 13 -- 'Way more fish'; way less work" -- City Council receives Salmon Season update from Councillor Thorkelson  NCR
October 7 -- Canned Salmon makes noise at budget talks  
October 5 -- UFAWU delivers call for Provincial support on adjacency conepts for North Coast fishery  NCR
October 5 -- Canada's fishing industry at risk of Major Stock Collapse
October 4 -- UFAWU message for Budget consultations in Prince Rupert (video)
October 3 -- UFAWU members to press their employment concerns for Government panel today  NCR


August 12 -- Restoring salmon abundance must be priority
August 12 -- Salmon fishery shutdown sparks outcry from anglers
August 12 -- Lower Fraser ban on salming fishing hits sport fishery hard
August 9 -- Wild Salmon DFO's top priority, Minister says
August 9 -- DFO not in conflict of interest for promoting salmon farming: Leblanc
August 9 -- Fisheries Minister plans 'concrete' action to fight declining sockeye run
August 9 -- Fisheries Minister announces measures to protect Fraser sockeye run
August 9 -- Fisheries Minister acts on Cohen commission
August 9 -- Feds resurrect Fraser salmon report
August 9 -- Federal Government acts on 2012 report examining decline of B.C. salmon returns
August 9 -- Cohen report on B.C. sockeye salmon may see action
August 8 -- 'Grim' Fraser River salmon runs even worse than forecast
August 8 -- Meet the Crew aboard the Fish-Farm Patrolling 'Martin Sheen'
August 5 -- DFO crackdown in northern B.C. unfair, fishermen claim (audio)


July 29 -- Despite good returns coming ashore, Prince Rupert's fishery is providing for fewer jobs this summer  NCR
July 28 -- Nass sockeye salmon face dismal returns
July 28 -- More fish escape Skeena fishermen
July 22 -- Sockeye Fishery update (video)
July 19 -- Disappointing returns mark start of salmon season  NCR
July 15 -- Skeena Sockeye return estimates down by 1.6 Million 
July 15 -- Fraser River sockeye returns predicted to be dismal - again - this summer
July 13 -- Easier access to EI for Canadian fishermen, as well as hourly workers on the horizon  NCR
July 13 -- World Wildlife Fund introduces new interactive map to highlight ocean concerns  NCR
July 8 -- Rough start to sockeye fishery
July 8 -- Sockey Announcement (video)
July 8 -- Early sockeye fishery off to a slow start
July 7 -- Sockeye Salmon Opening Friday
July 7 -- Commercial fishing for sockeye set for Friday opening (video)


June 23 -- Committee Transcripts highlight gulf between Union and Canadian Fish Company on North Coast Fisheries  NCR
June 21 -- Anticipated Smaller Salmon runs a threat to all First Nations communities says Chief Bob Chamberlin  (audio)
June 20 -- Record warm weather continues to threaten Pacific salmon federal panel says
June 16 -- City Council to invite Fisheries Mnister to Prince Rupert to discuss fisheries issues  NCR
June 10 -- Cullen calls on Federal Liberals to act on North Coast Fishery issues (video)
June 8 -- North Coast fishery reps attend Parliamentary Committee meeting (video)
June 7 -- UFAWU-Unifor take fishery issues to Ottawa  NCR
June 2 -- UFAWU-Unifor take Cannery message to Ottawa through video  NCR
June 1 -- Prince Rupert Fishing union calling on Feds to protect workers (audio)


May 31 -- Federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo stepping down
May 31 -- Federal Fisheries Minister steps down to address personal issues  NCR
May 25 -- Celebration of British Columbia's Fishing Industry focuses on Safety in new WorkSafeBC video NCR
May 25 -- Canadian Fish workers to benefit from NWCC training money  NCR
May 20 -- Pattison-owned seafood firm commits to sustainability overhaul
May 22 -- Evidence of Fish Farm Disease Detected in BC
May 22 -- Deadly salmon disease found in B.C. farmed stock, federal scientists say
May 13 -- Renewed commitment to Science focus for DFO announcement  NCR


March 24 -- Prince Rupert based Sports Fishery operators ask City to crack down on out of town operators  NCR


February 17 --  Haida Fishermen cut out the middleman and sell directly to consumers  (audio)


January 22 -- Cullen seeks consultation with constituents over Cannery Closure  NCR
January 19 -- City Council resolution makes for part of UFAWU letters to Ottawa  NCR
January 14 -- Department of Fisheries and Oceans investigating Facebook page where North Coast First Nations trade seafood  (audio)
January 13 -- Study says First Nations Fisheries catch will plummet due to climate change
January 12 -- DFO cracks down on illegal seafood sales on Facebook (audio)
January 12 -- North Coast fishing advocates share their message through BC's Tyee website  NCR
January 11 -- You Thought We Canadians Controlled Our Fisheries? Think Again
January 8 -- Union calling for letter writing campaign in support of processing Northern fish in Northern plants
January 8 -- Commercial herring fishery closure in Haida waters
January 8 -- Salmon summit to be held in Prince Rupert

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