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Industrial Development 2016 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG/Petronas LNG Terminal (Lelu Island)

Our Archive of items regarding the proposed Petronas LNG Terminal development

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December 28 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG mulls cheaper options for B.C. terminal
December 28 -- A shift in shipping plans for Pacific NorthWest LNG?  NCR
December 28 -- First Nations cautiously welcome changes to Petronas LNG site as company plans 'total project review'
December 28 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG decision could come in first half of 2017: BC Minister
December 9 -- Arrested Development: Prince Rupert divided over 'location, location, location' and imminent economic growth
December 7 -- City taken to task over PNW motion
December 1 -- City Council's 'LNG conditions Wars" ... The Business Empire Strikes Back!  NCR


November 29 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG discussion at City Council (video)
November 23 -- Contractor curiosity for Pacific NorthWest LNG
November 23 -- Council can have a PNW opinion, but will it matter?
November 17 -- Rich Coleman points to April 2017 as decision time for Pacific NorthWest/Petronas project  NCR
November 17 -- Council sends its Pacific NorthWest LNG motion back to committee for review and rewording  NCR
November 17 -- Council sends its Pacific NorthWest LNG motion back to committee for review and rewording  NCR
November 9 -- Ottawa underestimated B.C. LNG project's risks to salmon habitat: study
November 7 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG seeks submissions from community groups for community funding efforts  NCR
November 7 -- Premier makes note of Pacific NorthWest LNG decision and theme of cooperation in letter to City council  NCR
November 6 -- 'Scientific fraud': B.C. geologist pans data behind Flora Bank LNG approval


October 31 -- APTN documentary investigates divisions on Lax Kw'alaams over Lelu Island  NCR
October 29 -- Lelu Island: A Resistance (video)
October 28 -- Ottawa defends Pacific NorthWest LNG decision as court challenges filed
October 28 -- Three writs filed in Federal Court Thursday, seeking judicial review on Pacific NorthWest LNG approval  NCR
October 27 -- City's LNG resolution discussion deferred until November  NCR
October 27 -- Project benchmarks the key to Pacific NorthWest LNG presentation to City Council  NCR
October 26 -- Federal Government facing legal challenge over Petronas project approval  NCR
October 25 -- No final investment decisions on B.C. gas until decade's end, experts say
October 24 -- Lelu Island LNG project to be a theme for tonight's Council Session NCR
October 19 -- Prince Rupert LNG supporter meeting (video)
October 19 -- Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has many concerns on EA Process related to Lelu Island project  NCR
October 18 -- LNG supporters hosting community meeting in Prince Rupert tonight NCR
October 17 -- LNG Minister Coleman hails momentum that NEB export licence extension provides for Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR
October 13 -- Councillor Thorkelson to call on City Council to withhold support Pacific NorthWest project until Six local conditions are met   NCR
October 13 -- Emissions cap for PNW LNG could be boon for BC Hydro
October 12 -- Empty promises are disappointing, dangerous (Guest Editorial)
October 9 -- We can't compete with the Malaysians
October 7 -- Economic benefits of LNG project outweighed 'significant adverse' effects, cabinet decided
October 7 -- Opponents of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project meet in Prince Rupert (audio)
October 7 -- Council of Haida Nation official stands against Pacific NorthWest LNG project (audio)
October 6 -- NEBC Resource Municipalities Coalition looking beyond Pacific NorthWest LNG
October 6 -- First Nations Leaders, Environmental Groups and Scientists discuss PNW LNG approval
October 5 -- First Nation Chiefs meet on Litigation following PNW LNG Green lighting
October 5 -- Top 10 of PNW's 190 conditions
October 5 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG president talks FID timing
October 4 -- LNG markets could return to balance by 2021 and spur 'second wave' of opportunity: analyst
October 4 -- North Coast reacts to LNG approval
October 4 -- Bat houses and bubble curtains: a closer look at the conditions for Pacific NorthWest LNG (audio)
October 3 -- Petronas LNG approval demostrates lack of commitment to climate change
October 1 -- Petronas not considering sale of interest in Pacific NorthWest LNG
October 1 -- North Coast MLA Rice adds to chorus of comments on Pacific NorthWest LNG approval NCR
October 1 -- Deep divisions over LNG


September 30 -- Government again being warned to give LNG jobs to locals first
September 30 -- The Politics behind the go-ahead for the LNG project in B.C.
September 30 -- Kitimat Mayor on LNG announcement (video)
September 30 -- LNG approval leaves B.C. mayors divided over pipelines
September 30 -- Ottawa's oil and gas balancing act: building industry, protecting climate
September 30 -- AFN national chief Perry Bellegarde walks tightrope on divisive pipeline projects
September 30 -- Petronas is not considering sale of proposed LNG terminal, B.C. government says
September 30 -- Reports suggest that Petronas is pondering sale of stake in Pacific NorthWest project NCR
September 29 -- LNG project's 190 conditions 'not onerous,' says environmental assessment expert
September 29 -- Approval of B.C. LNG project keeps Trudeau's grand bargain together
September 29 -- B.C. LNG project the latest Harper scheme to win Liberal nod
September 29 -- What's next for Pacific NorthWest LNG project? 4 questions answered
September 29 -- What the LNG pipeline approval tells us about Trudeau's Liberals
September 29 -- In September, Did the Liberals Out-Harper the Conservatives?
September 29 -- LNG approval part of broader Liberal strategy to get more pipelines built
September 29 -- LNG mega-projects incompatible with B.C.'s greenhouse gas target, says expert
September 29 -- LNG dreams far from reality
September 29 -- Trudeau Liberals feel the heat from NDP and Conservatives on Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR
September 29 -- Premier Clark test drives a few electoral themes for UBCM gathering  NCR
September 28 -- Nathan Cullen and Shannon McPhail on Pacific NorthWest LNG announcement (video)
September 28 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project stalled by more than 190 federal conditions
September 28 -- First Nations split on Ottawa's Pacific NorthWest LNG decision
September 28 -- Trudeau government at pains to explain Pacific NorthWest LNG
September 28 -- Opposition to Approval of Northwest LNG project mounting
September 28 -- LNG project approval won't mean green light for other pipelines, Jim Carr says
September 28 -- Ottawa's approval of massive B.C. energy project sets bar for future
September 28 -- Liberals make the right call on LNG
September 28 -- Trudeau Liberals approve Petronas LNG project on BC's Coast
September 28 -- Trudeau's LNG Approval: What a Difference a Day makes
September 28 -- Federal environment minister defends approval of Pacific NorthWest LNG
September 28 -- Giant LNG project proposed for B.C. not yet a done deal
September 28 -- No federal 'poison pill' in LNG plant conditions, B.C. government says
September 28 -- Liberals approval of BC LNG project could breathe new life int NDP
September 28 -- Politicians at UBCM convention applaud LNG project
September 28 -- Will Premier Clark slash NDP taxes to deliver on her election promise?
September 28 -- First Nations react to the PNW LNG decision by the Federal government (audio)
September 28 -- Reaction mixed to Federal approval of Pacific NorthWest LNG Project
September 28 -- Reaction on the conditional approval of PNW LNG from Federal Government  (audio)
September 28 -- From celebration to court threats, how locals are reacting to Pacific NorthWest LNG being approved (audio)
Septmeber 28 -- Metlakatla and Prince Rupert offer up reaction to Pacific NorthWest LNG announcement NCR
September 28 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen expands on his disappointment with Tuesday's Pacific NorthWest LNG approval NCR
September 28 -- Prince Rupert Business community reacts to Pacific NorthWest LNG approval (video)
September 28 -- Christy Clark at UBCM convention (video)
September 28 -- For Pacific NorthWest LNG project, all roads now lead to Kuala Lumpur! NCR
September 27 -- Liberals approve Pacific NorthWest LNG project with environmental conditions
September 27 -- Federal Liberals approve Petronas LNG project in B.C. - with numerous conditions
September 27 -- Ottawa gives conditional approval to giant LNG project for B. C. coast
September 27 -- Federal Government approves Pacific NorthWest LNG project
September 27 -- Federal government approves liquefied natural gas project on B.C. coast with 190 conditions
September 27 -- Federal government gives conditional approval to Pacific NorthWest LNG
September 27 -- Ottawa grants approval for Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal near Prince Rupert
September 27 -- Five things to know about the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG project in B.C.
September 27 -- Decision made on Pacific NorthWest LNG project
September 27 -- Trudeau government approves Pacific NorthWest LNG project
September 27 -- In first major energy decision, Trudeau government approves Pacific NorthWest LNG
September 27 -- Canada approves $27 billion LNG complex; Petronas in no rush to start
September 27 -- Petronas' LNG project gets green light but with a catch
September 27 -- Petronas's Canada LNG Project approved by Trudeau Government
September 27 -- Canada Gives Conditional approval to Petronas's LNG Terminal
September 27 -- Liberals approve controversial natural gas project on B.C. coast
September 27 -- Federal government approves multi-billion dollar LNG project
September 27 -- Federal government green lights Pacific NorthWest LNG project
September 27 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG announcement (video)
September 27 -- Federal Government approves Pacific NorthWest LNG project with 190 conditions  NCR
September 27 -- Green light no guarantee that $36 billion LNG project a go
September 27 -- Federal Decision on Pacific NorthWest LNG project looming
September 27 -- Federal government to announce decision on Pacific NorthWest LNG today
September 27 -- BC MP presents e-petition to House of Commons in support of LNG projects
September 26 -- Interest building as Pacific NorthWest LNG announcement set to be delivered by Federal Cabinet  NCR
September 27 -- Lelu Island occupiers vow to stop Pacific NorthWest LNG (audio)
September 25 -- Clock ticking down on final decision for $46B Pacific NorthWest LNG project
September 24 -- Trudeau's pipeline remark puts focus on Pacific NorthWest LNG project
September 24 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG could have significant impact; CEAA
September 23 -- PNW LNG 'gets bad environmental review'
September 23 -- PNW LNG would need 'major' environmental measures: Reuters
September 23 -- Canada review says Petronas plant would hit environment: sources
September 21 -- Coleman reveals housing, LNG and campaign secrets to party faithful
September 21 -- Petronas looking to cut several hundred more jobs
September 20 -- Malaysian Energy Firm Petronas Plans Several Hundred More Job Cuts
September 19 -- Alberta gas producer joins forces with B.C. LNG export project developer
September 16 -- Canada hasn't sought Petronas guarantee on gas plant: Jim Carr
September 16 -- Pipeline tied to Petronas LNG project gets extension
September 9 -- Pembina renews opposition to PNW-LNG
September 8 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG's carbon pollution under B.C.'s new climate plan
September 6 -- "We are comitted": Petronas hopes to sercure environmental license for Canadian LNG project by year-end
September 6 -- Hard-hit oilpatch workers count down days as Pacific NorthWest LNG decision nears


August 30 -- Petronas' $11 billion B.C. gas plan buoyed by aboriginal vote
August 29 -- Pacifc NorthWest LNG venue change possibility could have swayed Lax Kw'alaams voters
August 27 -- Lax Kw'alaams dissident calls LNG vote a joke because two-thirds of band members didn't cast ballots
August 27 -- First Nation Vote on Massive Gas Terminal called out by Band members
August 26 -- Members of Lax Kw'alaams band vote in favour of continuing LNG discussion
August 26 -- Provincial Government responds favourably to Lax Kw'alaams LNG vote
August 26 -- Lax Kw'alaams Band Votes in Favour of Continued Discussions
August 27 -- Petronas $8.5 Billion Canada Gas Plan Buoyed by Aborigina vote
August 25 -- Province Thanks Lax Kw'alaams Band for Vote on LNG
August 25 -- Lax Kw'alaams members vote 'Yes' to ongoing talks with PNW LNG
August 25 -- Lax Kw'alaams Band votes to continue negotiating with LNG project developers
August 24 -- B. C. LNG could reduce emissions overseas - if it's done correctly
August 24 -- B.C.'s emission targets factored into Pacific NorthWest LNG decision
August 23 -- Is This First Nation Band finally voting on a Controversial BC Gas Terminal?
August 22 -- Justin Trudeau, cabinet wrap up retreat focused on challenging fall agenda
August 22 -- Petronas posts 96 per cent profit drop on lower oil price
August 12 -- No extension planned for Pacific NorthWest LNG CEAA review  NCR
August 10 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG won't hurt B.C. aboriginals' salmon catches: CEAA
August 10 -- Petronas plans total review of Canada LNG project
August 5 -- Petronas to review investment plans on Pacific NorthWest LNG following delivery of CEAA report  NCR
August 4 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project waiting on Liberals' conditions
August 3 -- Accusations of mis-information at First Nations' community meetings about Pacific Northwest LNG
August 3 -- Petronas said to be pondering Pacific NorthWest LNG delay  NCR


July 28 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG venture could pose low risk to B.C. salmon habitat
July 27 -- Lax Kw'alaams community information sessions on LNG nearing and end  NCR
July 7 -- Lax Kw'alaams sets new dates for Pacific NorthWest LNG sessions  NCR
July 6 -- Is a full year of uncertainty ahead for Pacific NorthWest LNG?  NCR


June 29 -- Nathan Cullen on Pacific NorthWest LNG deadline (video)
June 26 -- CEAA restarts clock on Pacific NorthWest LNG project, destined for a late September deadline  NCR
June 24 -- Lax Kw'alaams postpones Members Only Community info sessions on LNG  NCR
June 20 -- International Energy Agency study indicates pressures growing on BC's LNG industry  NCR
June 19 -- B.C. indigenous leaders bring case against LNG terminal to Ottawa
June 8 -- Lelu Island:101
June 4 -- Minister says PNW LNG decision could come sometime after September 15


May 31 -- Glad tidings from Gladstone, Australia and a bit of advice for Prince Rupert  NCR
May 31 -- Letter from Scientists calls for Federal Government to reject Pacific NorthWest LNG project NCR
May 30 -- More than 90 scientists dispute LNG project's emissions estimates
May 18 -- B.C. premier says it's time Ottawa approves LNG, but denies linkage to oil pipelines
May 18 -- Latest Lelu Island Letter highlights range of divisions NCR
May 17 -- Canada's environment minister wants details of B.C. climate change plan
May 12 -- Lelu Island delegation takes LNG Terminal issues to the UN (video)
May 12 -- B.C. LNG: First Nations appeal to UN to help stop Petronas project
May 12 -- Efforts to stop Lelu Island LNG Terminal reach the United Nations  NCR
May 4 -- As they wait on a Government decision, Pacific NorthWest LNG makes some management moves  NCR
May 3 -- Canadian LNG prospects keep getting worse as prices tank and red tape delays projects
May 2 -- Climate recommendations cut B.C. LNG emissions in half: Pembina Institute
May 2 -- Pembina seeks to avert huge LNG polluter
May 2 -- Pacific NorthWest hopes B.C. LNG project in final stages before approval


April 29 -- 1,000 man pipeline camp for Pacific NorthWest LNG approved
April 29 -- Petronas Canada LNG project chief sees investment decision in months
April 29 -- Petronas names new president of Pacific NorthWest LNG
April 20 -- Lelu Island delegation take concerns to Prime Minister's Office  NCR
April 19 -- Former Mayor of Lax Kw'alaams upset by band's support for LNG terminal
April 18 -- Rice channels Horgan and Cullen in recent newspaper interview  NCR
April 18 -- BC First Nations Leaders in Ottawa to "Set the Record Straight" on LNG stance
April 18 -- Indigenous leaders head to Ottawa to oppose LNG project
April 18 -- B.C. First Nations dispute over North Coast LNG project reaches Ottawa
April 14 -- Progress energy slashes spending due to Pacific NorthWest LNG delays
April 14 -- Replace Lelu Island confrontation with collegial discussion
April 13 -- John Horgan says NDP could reverse stance on Pacific NorthWest
April 13 -- Petronas slashes spending as it awaits decision on B.C. liquefied natural gas project
April 13 -- LNG is possible on North Coast: Rice (N View e edition pg 3)
April 12 -- MP Nathan Cullen weighs in on Port Authority Letter to Lelu Island and Leadership Bid (audio)
April 12 -- First Nations protestors vow to expand construction on Lelu Island
April 12 -- Hereditary Chiefs take their response to Prince Rupert Port Authority to the Prime Minister's Office  NCR
April 11 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority calls on Lelu Island encampment to cease construction activities  NCR
April 5 -- Prince Rupert residents featured in LNG Alliance PSA  (video)
April 4 -- B. C. NDP rejects proposed LNG plant near Prince Rupert
April 4 -- Provincial NDP calls on CEAA to withhold final recommendation for approval on Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR
April 4 -- City of Prince Rupert CEAA submission on Pacific NorthWest LNG now available on agency website  NCR


March 31 -- Woodfibre named B. C. LNG plan most-likely to move forward
March 28 -- Trans Canada pipeline appeal (video)
March 25 -- Petronas to continue talks on Pacific NorthWest LNG as review continues  NCR
March 25 -- What exactly is a 'nation-to-nation' relationship?
March 23 -- Council outlines some thoughts on Pacific NorthWest LNG delays NCR
March 22 -- British Columbia government looks to "overcome delay" related to extended EA review of Pacific NorthWest LNG project  NCR
March 22 -- Window for LNG exports to Japan are closing: ambassador
March 21 -- Review of Pacific NorthWest LNG hinging on risk to salmon habitat
March 22 -- Lax Kw'alaams mayor reverses position on LNG project (audio)
March 21 -- Lelu Island's Ken Lawson hopeful CEAA delay could mean Good News (audio)
March 21 -- Petronas' LNG project runs into further delay in Canada
March 21 -- CEAA concerned about LNG terminal's impact on fish, granted 90 day extension
March 20 -- Fish habitat worries stalls approval of B. C.'s Pacific NorthWest LNG project
March 20 -- Environmental regulators seek details on Pacific NorthWest LNG project
March 19 -- Huge Petronas Canada LNG project runs into further delays
March 19 -- Federal review of B. C. LNG terminal granted three-month extension
March 19 -- Three month delay ahead before final consideration on Pacific NorthWest LNG project  NCR
March 19 -- Lax Kw'alaams reverses position on Lelu Island, now says will suport LNG development with two conditions  NCR
March 18 -- Petronas operating cashflow may fall 40%
March 18 -- Lax Kw'alaam Band gives green light to Pacific NorthWest - with conditions
March 18 -- Lax Kw'alaams band council offers conditional support for Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal
March 18 -- Lax Kw'alaams Band flip-flops on Pacific NorthWest LNG
March 18 -- Approval decision for Pacific NorthWest LNG may be delayed
March 18 -- BC LNG approval deadline next week 'premature' as feds review documents
March 18 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG may face further delays
March 17 -- Cullen says Lelu Island too great a risk for LNG project
March 17 -- Tensions tighten as Ottawa prepares decision on Pacific NorthWest LNG
March 17 -- Prince Rupert LNG terminal could become largest source of GHG emissions in Canada, environmental group warns
March 16 -- Clark hopeful LNG terminal will get federal approval
March 16 -- Reports indicate Pacific NorthWest LNG project to be referred to Federal Cabinet for Final Decision NCR
March 16 -- Pro LNG rally held at Skeena Mall
March 16 -- Terrace convoy today, one of three in Northern B. C. in support of LNG  NCR
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Gas Pipeline to be subject of federal appeal 
March 15 -- Metlakatla signs pipeline benefits agreements tied to LNG development  NCR
March 15 -- Pro LNG rallies planned for Terrace, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson
March 14 -- B. C. LNG prospects continue to fade
March 13 -- Contrary to Clark's belief, opposition to LNG project is about science
March 12 -- Was Trudeau serious about fixing Harper's Big Sham?
March 12 -- Guides oppose northwestern B. C. LNG location
March 12 -- LNG site risks fish loss, says biologist
March 11 -- Cabinet Minister John Rustad speaks to Tsimshian agreement, Lelu Island project and other First Nations issues  NCR
March 10 -- Northwest Anglers letter on LNG opposition (video)
March 10 -- Petronas provides statement on status of Lelu Island LNG project  NCR
March 10 -- Petronas LNG Decision a "Watershed Moment" for Trudeau Liberals, Say Critics
March 10 -- Pacific NorthWest submits new information to CEAA
March 9 -- Scientists write letter  to Federal Environment Minister
March 9 -- BC Minister says Anti-LNG Scientists haven't done their homework
March 9 -- Scientists send letter to Environment Minister urging rejection of Pacific NorthWest LNG report  NCR
March 9 -- Scientists urge rejection of 'flawed' LNG report
March 8 -- Scientists urge Catherine McKenna to reject Pacific NorthWest LNG report
March 8 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG could boost B. C.'s treasury, study says
March 8 -- B. C. Gov't disavows report suggesting Petronas set LNG ultimatum
March 8 -- Premier says Petronas not threatening to walk away from LNG project
March 8 -- Petronas-led Canada LNG project head denies report it will walk away
March 7 -- Financial Post article on Lelu Island LNG terminal ultimatum creates a Monday tempest  NCR
March 7 -- Malaysia's Petronas threatening to abandon LNG project over new climate change rules  
March 1  -- More financial pressures for Petronas as energy company outlines cost cutting plans  NCR
March 1 -- Northeast petition seeks to build support for Pacific NorthWest LNG project  NCR


February 29 -- Majority of public comments support Pacific NorthWest LNG project
February 23 -- A Last Stand for Lelu (video)
February 17 -- Russian LNG observations (video)
February 15 -- Lelu Island Film to get Vancouver Film Festival showing tonight  NCR
February 12 -- Tsimshian Reaction to CEAA Assessment of Pacific NorthWest LN proposal (video)
February 12 -- Tsimshian Environmental Stewardship Authority Welcomes CEAA Draft Report on PNW LNG 
February 12 -- Russian Scientists to present their LNG experience on Sakhalin Island (audio)
February 12 -- Russian speakers to outline their experiences with LNG (video)
February 12 -- Tsimshian Leaders will review CEAA Findings to provide further input  NCR
February 12 -- Environmental groups slam Pacific NorthWest LNG report on fish habitat
February 12 -- LNG Minister expects decision on Pacific NorthWest facility this spring
February 11 -- CEAA Draft Report reaction (video)
February 11 -- BC NDP leader says name calling won't get project agreements
February 11 -- Fish and fish habitat fine, but GHG emissions among concerns from CEAA Draft Report on Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal  NCR
February 10 -- Pacific NW LNG Assessment released (video)
February 10 -- LNG project could avoid 'significant' environmental effects, agency rules
February 10 -- Federal Draft Review concludes salmon not adversely affected by leading LNG project
February 10 -- Draft Federal Environmental Assessment says Flora Bank Salmon won't be affected by PNW LNG
February 10 -- Lelu Island meets Sakhalin Island as part of LNG review for Friday night NCR
February 2 -- Canada Climate Test Seen as Another Hurdle for Gas Export Plans
February 1 -- Four key questions for the Canadian government's new climate test
February 1 -- B. C. delegation seeks Ottawa's support for LNG export plans


January 29 -- Nathan Cullen on assessment process changes for energy projects  (video)
January 29 -- Federal Government announces new environmental assessment guidelines  NCR
January 27 -- Clark needs Trudeau to approve Pacific NorthWest LNG project
January 27 -- LNG Minister Coleman anticipates CEAA Draft Report on Pacific NorthWest LNG within weeks  NCR
January 26 -- Petronas taking two floors at Park Place tower
January 26 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project may get caught up in new Federal Government mandate on climate analysis  NCR
January 26 -- Declaration calls for protection of Lelu Island, halt of Pacific NorthWest LNG
January 25 -- Petronas scales back (video)
January 25 -- Premier Clark battles B. C.'s forces of No,' on LNG, trade deal; says she's no quitter
January 25 -- Clark battles 'forces of No' on B. C.  LNG project
January 25 -- Lelu Island Opposition Declaration (video)
January 25 -- NDP MLAs sign anti-LNG declaration
January 25 -- Tsimshian Nations take issue with lack of consultation on Lelu Island Declaration NCR
January 25 -- BC Premier says "Forces of No" behind Lelu Island Declaration (audio)
January 25 -- Coalition says No to LNG project at Lelu Island
January 25 -- Powerful northern B. C.  coalition inks pact to save Skeena River from LNG plant
January 25 -- Salmon Nation Summit ends with signing of Lelu Island Declaration  NCR
January 25 -- Lelu Declaration a Major Wrench in Hardhat Premier's LNG Plans
January 23 -- Oil prices raise concerns about LNG
January 23 -- At Northern Salmon Summit, a Declaration: Cancel LNG or Else
January 22 -- Nathan Cullen "confounded" on Lelu Island Science (video)
January 22 -- Petronas confirms capital spending reductions
January 22 -- Premier Clark, Minister Coleman keep the faith on LNG prospects  NCR
January 20 -- Flora Bank Science Debate (video)
January 20 -- Salmon Summit goes Friday and Saturday in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 19 -- Reports indicate that Petronas to Cut Spending, defer projects in response to low oil prices  NCR
January 18 -- B. C. environmentalists, federal scientists at odds over LNG plan
January 18 -- DFO, Natural Resources Canada documents to CEAA support Pacific NorthWest LNG findings on impacts on Lelu Island  NCR
January 17 -- B. C. LNG project poses low risk to environment, federal scientists say
January 14 -- Petronas project could provide new fuel for Liberal promises
January 12 -- Petronas to review plans on Lelu Island LNG Project "within this quarter"   NCR
January 12 -- Petronas sees three more tough years in 'unsettling environment'
January 8 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project poised to begin despite abundant supply

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