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Industrial Development 2016 -- Port of Prince Rupert

Our quick reference and archive of items related to the operation, expansion and proposed developments of the Port of Prince Rupert

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December 21 -- DFO launches investigation into alleged salmon deaths
December 15 -- Fairview Terminal expansion making its mark on national infrastructure list  NCR
December 13 -- Fairview Expansion project (video)
December 13 -- Fairview Terminal's Phase Two expansion reaches the three quarter turn, with finish line in sight  NCR
December 12 -- Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal expansion reaches milestone
December 12 -- Fairview Container Expansion continues to move forward

November 18 -- Federal Government to explore privatization options for Canadian ports  NCR

October 21 -- Environmental concerns for Vancouver Port expansion could be beneficial for Prince Rupert  NCR
October 14 -- Ardmore Chippewa pulls up to Northland Terminal for repairs  NCR
October 14 -- Prince Rupert hospital to benefit from latest investment from Port of Prince Rupert community fund  NCR
October 13 -- Container line to offer new service through Port of Prince Rupert  NCR
October 6 -- Continued growth and opportunity seen for Port facilities in Prince Rupert  NCR
October 5 -- CN and Port celebrate Tidal Coast Terminals shipment capabilities out of Prince Rupert  NCR
October 4 -- Site Clearing nears completion for Port's Maintenance and Warehouse project  NCR

September 17 -- Port of Prince Rupert mulls new breakbulk terminal
September 16 -- Hanjin container vessels detained in British Columbia waters  NCR
September 16 -- Safe transit in and out of Prince Rupert Harbour enhanced with commissioning of new radar system  NCR
September 16 -- Prince Rupert plans Breakbulk Terminal
September 15 -- Port of Prince Rupert may renew Breakbulk trade
September 15 -- Port of Prince Rupert adds shore based radar
September 15 -- North Coast gets a $5 million radar system
September 14 -- Potential breakbulk, bulk cargo terminal being explored by SSA Marine, Port of Prince Rupert
September 14 -- Everything old, is new Again! Prince Rupert Port Authority announces study into potential break bulk facility on Kaien Island  NCR
September 9 -- Maersk line looks to pick up some of Hanjin's Asia-Pacific business  NCR
September 7 -- Hanjin Scarlet begins unloading process at Fairview Terminals  NCR
September 2 -- Korean Bankruptcy proceedings leaves container ship in stranded situation in Prince Rupert harbour  NCR
September 1 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority launches maintenance facility project  NCR

August 30 -- Port Maintenance Relocation (video)
August 29 -- The Port Begins work on New Maintenance and Warehouse complex
August 29 -- Port of Prince Rupert invests $16 million in new complex
August 29 -- Port of Prince Rupert spending $16-Million on upgrades

July 8 -- New Port video provides an illustrated look at Port developments  NCR
July 7 -- A quick browsing of the Ports Annual Report could score you an iPad mini  NCR

June 27 -- Progress on PILT between City and Port a process years in the making  NCR
June 24 -- Port Authority Annual Review highlights performance, while noting relationships with communities  NCR
June 17 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority puts focus on security and safety with new video presenation  NCR
June 15 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority to host Annual Public Meeting June 23rd  NCR
June 14 -- Port of Prince Rupert's Ken Veldman joins BC Chamber Board of Directors  NCR
June 3 -- Journal of Commerce features White Paper report on Port of Prince Rupert  NCR

May 6 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority seeks members for Community Information Forum NCR
May 2 -- Fairview Port Tour (video)

April 12 -- Hereditary Chiefs take their response to Prince Rupert Port Authority to the Prime Minister's Office  NCR
April 12 -- Port's new Radar system among the topics at Vancouver conference this week  NCR
April 11 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority calls on Lelu Island encampment to cease construction activities  NCR

April 6 -- Port Expansion Talk in Prince Rupert (video)
April 6 -- Port Holds Trade talk to discuss Fairview Container Terminal expansion


March 31 -- Port Interpretive Centre to host Container Expansion project presentation next week  NCR
March 30 -- Safe Navigation System now in place for Prince Rupert harbour  NCR
March 29 -- Prince Rupert Sector Light System (video)
March 29 -- Cosco lines celebrates the success of its Prince Rupert gateway  NCR
March  8 -- Prince Rupert port a hot topic in California conference
March 1 -- Evergreen containers new to Rupert port


February 23 -- Globalization and Northern BC the theme of new book from UNBC professors  NCR
February 5 -- Environmentalists want Prince Rupert harbour dredging stopped (audio)


January 26 -- Containers are King in year end numbers from Prince Rupert Port Authority  NCR
January 14 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority opens Community Investment Fund process for 2016  NCR
January 13 -- Is Rupert ready for mega ships?
January 12 -- Port Authority study heralds jobs and benefits to region should expansion plans move forward  NCR
January 11 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority plans to spur wages and employment (video)
January 7 -- Province seeks applicants for Prince Rupert Port Board Position  NCR

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