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Municipal Government -- Discussion Points related to Prince Rupert City Council 2016

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Civic Departments, or on issues that come up for discussion at City Council Sessions in 2016. As well as any other notes of relevance to Prince Rupert.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2016

December 31 -- As 2016 ends ... A Council Midterm: Many, many plans, results still to be determined  NCR
December 30 -- City looks to turn portion of Rushbrook Trail over to Trail Enhancement Society NCR
December 23 -- City to seek Climbing Wall staffers for January positions  NCR
December 23 -- McKay Street Park plans to move forward in January  NCR
December 22 -- Third Avenue paving project in Prince Rupert (video)
December 22 -- Prince Rupert undergoes Major Upgrades
December 21 -- Recreation for all
December 21 -- Rupert Council in brief
December 21 -- Rupert council approves major 2017 repaving and water dam projects
December 20 -- Province 'disappointed' Prince Rupert won't be part of transit plan
December 20 -- Four Prince Rupert Businesses receive 16-thousand Dollars
December 19 -- Council to hike utility rates in the new year for aging  infrastructure
December 19 -- City of Prince Rupert heads towards Holiday Hours  NCR
December 16 -- A Skeena Pulp Mill Christmas Greeting from China  NCR
December 16 -- Council to start collecting the cash in January; address the particulars later  NCR
December 14 -- Province distributes it's PILT payments for 2016  NCR
December 14 -- Council calls special session to move Utility fee increases forward NCR
December 14 -- Capital projects for 2017 outlined for City Council NCR
December 14 -- Councillor Cunningham wants action on lack of snow clearing on absentee owner properties NCR
December 14 -- Council poised to approve utility fee increases; looks to find way on asset management planning NCR
December 13 -- City seeks members for Library Board  NCR
December 13 -- Federal funding provided for Indigenous participation in Aurora LNG CEAA process NCR
December 12 -- Recreation Department looks to expand reach of its Access Program; seeks help from community  NCR
December 9 -- North Coast communities offer Alternative to proposed Bus on Highway of Tears
December 9 -- City on the search for members for Small Business Advisory Committee NCR
December 8 -- Alternative transportation solution for at risk women traveling along Highway 16
December 8 -- City and area stakeholders to hold to current Transition Society Transportation plan for Highway of Tears  NCR
December 8 -- Prince Rupert opts out of Highway of Tears transportation plan in favour of alternative program (audio)
December 7 -- Rupert alternative to Highway 16 Transportation (video)
December 7 -- Prince Rupert suggests alternative to the proposed Highway 16 Transit Service (audio)
December 7 -- CityWest to deliver $400,000 Distribution payment to City  NCR
December 7 -- Council taken to task over PNW motion
December 6 -- City looks at new initiative for larger Community Grant recipients in Prince Rupert (video)
December 6 -- City of Prince Rupert -- Funding agreements with Community Groups
December 5 -- City makes progress on proposed Funding Agreements with community groups  NCR
December 1 -- Council hears Mayor Brain's take on recent affordable housing plans  NCR
December 1 -- Four days of planning sessions deliver many concepts for the Prince Rupert of tomorrow  NCR 
December 1 -- City Council's 'LNG conditions Wars' ... The Business Empire Strikes Back  NCR


November 30 -- Housing stock old, in need of repair
November 30 -- New-look Prince Rupert unveiled by The Planning Partnership
November 29 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG discussion at City Council (video)
November 25 -- Prince Rupert's Big Reveal (video)
November 24 -- McBride Street Traffic Lights (video)
November 23 -- 86 new affordable housing units for seniors and families on the North Coast
November 23 -- CityWest introduces new CEO  NCR
November 23 -- Council can have a PNW opinion, but will it matter?
November 23 -- Five North Coast projects included in BC Government's affordable housing announcement from Tuesday   NCR
November 21 -- CDI Housing Study highlights trends for Prince Rupert housing stock, population and pace of development  NCR
November 21 -- Four days of consultation on civic land use start today in Prince Rupert  NCR
November 18 -- If City Council wants to discuss Islands ... it may be a timely moment for an update for one named Watson  NCR
November 17 -- Impassioned discussion sheds light on Rupert council's asking price from Pacific NorthWest LNG
November 17 -- Council sends its Pacific NorthWest LNG motion back to committee for review and rewording  NCR
November 17 -- Decline in Airport Ferry revenues anticipated for 2016  NCR
November 15 -- Prince Rupert city Council and Pacific NorthWest LNG conditions (video)
November 14 -- New Floor for the Russel Gamble Gymnasium in Prince Rupert (video)
November 9 -- $74,000 to revamp the civic centre's gym
November 9 -- Nothing but Net, as city puts newly renovated Civic Centre floor on display  NCR
November 9 -- Prince Rupert climbing wall back in business
November 8 -- Affordable housing the theme for upcoming Prince George event  NCR
November 7 -- Premier makes note of Pacific NorthWest LNG decision and theme of cooperation in letter to City council  NCR
November 3 -- City seeks volunteers for Library Board and Business Advisory Committee NCR
November 2 -- Federal infrastructure funding proves elusive for Prince Rupert  NCR
November 2 -- Ecotrust presents tech-savvy update to council;, more from Oct. 24 meeting


October 28 -- Council approves waiving of rent for Charity Skate at the Civic Centre NCR
October 27 -- Northwest British Columbia Resource Benefits alliance still seeking an agreement from province (audio)
October 27 -- Prince Rupert Council supports grant applications (video)
October 27 -- Prince Rupert Council members voted to support water funding
October 27 -- Mayor Brain hails success of Redesign Rupert Recharge event over the weekend NCR
October 27 -- Councillor Cunningham raises questions on City's Community Enhancement Grant issues NCR
October 27 -- City's LNG resolution discussion deferred until November NCR
October 27 -- City's Water Grant proposal applications are in the pipeline NCR
October 27 -- Project benchmarks the key to Pacific NorthWest LNG presentation to City Council NCR
October 27 -- Ecotrust Canada presentation highlights community engagement on the North Coast NCR
October 25 -- Portion of Highway 16 through Prince Rupert to be repaved (audio)
October 25 -- Residents add their voices to Redesign Rupert Recharge
October 25 -- Rupert council to approve water fund application
October 25 -- $4.5 million investment to re-pave the Prince Rupert arterial
October 25 -- Alfred Street Residents issued Boil Water Advisory as repairs to waterline completed  NCR
October 25 -- Prince Rupert in the Province's paving plans for 2017 NCR
October 24 -- Prince Rupert Water Disruption
October 24 -- Yacht Club seeks variance permit for Club House development NCR
October 24 -- Lelu Island LNG project to be a theme for tonight's Council Session NCR
October 21 -- Development of Designs in Prince Rupert
October 21 -- Prince Rupert Design Planning (video)
October 21 -- Alfred Street residents to face water disruption starting Monday  NCR
October 20 -- Prince Rupert city council in brief (October 11)
October 20 -- Pancakes, Door Prizes and a look to the future for Redesign Rupert Recharge  NCR
October 19 -- Mayor Brain takes issue with Northern View item on infrastructure funding  NCR
October 19 -- City misses out on major water funding spree
October 19 -- Where was Rupert?
October 19 -- City looks to finalize lease with Quickload Terminals for east side land  NCR
October 17 -- KidSport funding for Prince Rupert (video)
October 14 -- City hopeful for progress on AMHS Terminal renovation in Prince Rupert  NCR
October 14 -- Redesign Rupert Recharge event (video)
October 14 -- Mayor outlines UBCM talking points at Council meetings  NCR
October 13 -- "Way more fish, way less work" -- City Council receives Salmon season udpate from Councillor Thorkelson   NCR
October 13 -- Councillor Thorkelson to call on City Council to withhold support Pacific NorthWest project until Six local conditions are met   NCR
October 13 -- Update highlights work of Community Development Institute and future plans  NCR
October 12 -- City secures $75K for Third Avenue, waterfront, Seal Cove redesign process
October 12 -- Mayor Brain on Alaska Ferry Terminal (video)
October 12 -- City outlines latest consultation plans for a range of planning initiatives  NCR
October 12 -- Prince Rupert Mayor 'cautiously optimistic' that Alaska Ferry Terminal upgrade could start up again (audio)
October 12 -- KidSport options for the North Coast to be revealed at information session October 17 NCR
October 12 -- Latest Job Opportunity with the City to offer support for Public Works Department NCR
October 12 -- Road Closure application suggests decision on New Prince Rupert RCMP detachment may be near  NCR
October 11 -- City to make announcement on Third Avenue revitalization plans tonight  NCR
October 11 -- Redesign Prince Rupert presentation ahead for Council tonight  NCR
October 7 -- Wheelchair accessibility in Prince Rupert (video)
October 6 -- Beach access no more
October 6 -- Delays ahead for completion of Frederick Street water lines  NCR
October 6 -- BC Minister Fassbender is ready to look over Municipal spending  NCR
October 5 -- Housing projects need density for population growth
October 5 -- Hays 2.0 and Airport access the focus for City in Finance Committee presentation NCR
October 4 -- Mayor Brain seeks Alaska highway terminal solution, is added to climate leadership council
October 4 -- Fourteen delegations make presentations to Provincial Finance Committee in Prince Rupert  NCR
October 3 -- Many themes reviewed by delegates at UBCM last week  NCR


September 30 -- UBCM convention comes to an end as municipal leaders wrap up week of networking  NCR
September 30 -- Prince Rupert Mayor to join BC Mayors Climate Control Council  NCR
September 29 -- Work gets underway on retaining wall in Prince Rupert  (video)
September 29 -- Prince Rupert Airport gains recognition at UBCM for recent renovations  NCR
September 28 -- Metlakatla and Prince Rupert offer up reaction to Pacific NorthWest LNG announcement NCR
September 28 -- UBCM delegates in whirlwind of meetings through two days of convention  NCR
September 26 -- Full week of meetings discussions and socializing ahead for NorthWest municipal leaders  NCR
September 26 -- Prince Rupert Airport renovations included financial top up from Legacy Fund  NCR
September 23 -- Prince Rupert woman wants the City to be more accessible (audio)
September 23 -- Prince Rupert airport completes their makeover  (audio)
September 22 -- City to launch remediation project for retaining wall at 6th and Ambrose  NCR
Setpember 22 -- City Council tackles the affordable housing shortage
September 22 -- Prince Rupert Airport Renovations complete (video)
September 21 -- Port Edward offers up a different interpretation on recent Service Agreement with Prince Rupert  NCR
September 21 -- Mayor Lee Brain in Petersburg, Alaska for Southeast Conference meetings this week  NCR
September 21 -- With infrastructure plans percolating, City of Prince Rupert seeks engineering technologist  NCR
September 20 -- Frederick Street infrastructure work in Prince Rupert (video)
September 20 -- Northwest communities finalize their resolutions for UBCM convention this month  NCR
September 20 -- MLA Jennifer Rice sends letter to Minister of HOusng on lack of affordable places in Prince Rupert   (audio)
September 20 -- YPR launches new website, set to celebrate Terminal reopening this Saturday  NCR
September 20 -- Mayor Brain to co-host December forum on "Rupert's Babies' NCR
September 20 -- Dear Mr. Minister ... MLA Rice takes Prince Rupert housing concerns to Rich Coleman  NCR
September 19 -- Prince George takes a different path than Prince Rupert when it comes to wine sales NCR
September 19 -- No word from first School Board meeting on long running issue of empty Council seat  NCR
September 16 -- Prince Rupert dog bylaws (video)
September 16 -- Public comment period now open for McKay Street Park concept proposals  NCR
September 15 -- Councillor Thorkelson calls for a more equitable process when it comes to Community Grants and Property Tax Enhancement Grants  NCR
September 15 -- Councillor Cunningham seeks review of food truck spot rentals at Civic Centre NCR
September 15 -- City to remind pet owners on bylaw requirements after issues raised at Council Session NCR
September 15 -- Prestige Hotels Prince Rupert set to launch exterior makeover of downtown property NCR
September 13 -- NCLGA members attend Mayor's roundtable sessions in Prince George  NCR
September 13 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks volunteers for Prince Rupert Tourism Board  NCR
September 12 -- Council approves new user fee formual for Civic Centre ice time  NCR
September 8 -- Prince Rupert and Port Edward reach agreement on Service Announcement  NCR
September 8 -- City Council to review Recreation Centre Ice Fee options at Special Council Session today  NCR
September 8 -- City of Prince Rupert puts Airport Ferry Pontoon Replacement project out for bid  NCR
September 8 -- Prince Rupert/Port Edward Tax Sharing Agreement  (video)
September 8 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward reach two-year tax agreement on Ridley Island
September 6 -- McKay Street Park concepts to be revealed at mid month Info Session  NCR
September 6 -- With One job complete, it's on to the next for city's infrastructure issues  NCR
September 6 -- City seeks applications for Community Grant Process  NCR
September 2 -- Summer's end  brings bumper crop of job opportunities with City of Prince Rupert NCR
September 1 -- Council to consider commemorating Dr. Frank Pyde with Arena name change NCR
September 1 -- Ice Fees issues send the city's Recreation Commission back to the drawing board  NCR
September 1 -- Cut off time in Prince Rupert! Council restricts number of liquor establishments with one kilometre rule  NCR


August 23 -- Liquor Zoning Amendment in Prince Rupert (video)
August 11 -- Prince Rupert Unemployment Action Centre seeks letter of support from Council in funding quest  NCR
August 8 -- Graham Avenue land sale gains a bit of out of town attention  NCR
August 5 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks Community Planner  NCR
August 2 -- Council to send one kilometre rule for liquor stores to Public Hearing in August NCR


July 29 -- Despite good returns coming ashore, Prince Rupert's fishery is providing for fewer jobs this summer NCR
July 29 -- Drake Crescent housing development gains Council approval  NCR
July 29 -- City Council adds Seniors Housing requirement and development timelione covenants to Graham Avenue land sale NCR
July 27 -- City looks to add to City Hall staff with Customer Service coordinator  NCR
July 26 -- Prince Rupert Zoning amendment (video)
July 22 -- Rupert airport gets $300,000 for environmental upgrades
July 22 -- City seeks proposals for study on replacement of Woodworth Dam NCR
July 22 -- Maughan retires as Rupert RCMP inspector
July 21 -- BC Government puts 300,000 dollars towards Airport improvements at Digby Island  NCR
July 21 -- Short application period for City's Bylaw Officer posting  NCR
July 20 -- City Council puts focus on Alternative Approval results as topic for Special Council session tonight  NCR
July 19 -- Zoning plans for Prince Rupert Boulevard land go to public hearing Monday  NCR
July 18 -- City set to move on land issue off Graham after AAP results released  NCR
July 15 -- No Bat Signal, but a Bat Study for the weekend in Prince Rupert
July 12 -- Prince Rupert  Bridge repair (video)
July 12 -- Prince Rupert welcomes sister city delegation
July 11 -- Children's Day in the Park, proclamations, fundraising and fun!  NCR
July 8 -- Second Avenue Bridge project to start Monday  NCR
July 6 -- Showing the Maple Leaf at Ketchikan's Fourth of July  NCR
July 6 -- Consultants and lawyers finding rewarding work in Prince Rupert  NCR
July 6 -- Agreement signals mutual respect, partnership for city and port
July 6 -- Mayor Brain breaks down travel expenditures
July 4 -- A shift in View when it comes to the local paper and City Council?  NCR
July 4 -- Regional District paydays put Mayor Lee Brain into the $100,000 club for 2015  NCR
July 1 -- City of Prince Rupert to pursue two grant opportunities for transportation and Tsunami risk assessment  NCR


June 30 -- Suppliers reap $28 million as City increases spending in 2015  NCR
June 30 -- Final numbers for 2015 show $1.3 million in Community Grants distributed by the City  NCR
June 29 -- Hazardous roads in Prince Rupert (video)
June 29 -- City puts wrap on Financial info process with Special Council Session  NCR
June 29 -- Salary and Expenses on the rise from Prince Rupert's 2015 SOFI review  NCR
June 29 -- Horizon North work camp parking changes proposal to head to public notification NCR
June 29 -- Few questions for Council on 2015 Annual Report NCR
June 28 -- Renaming Westview Parkland for Odd Eidsvik  (video)
June 28 -- Prince Rupert job opportunity focuses on City's Planning Department  NCR
June 27 -- Prince Rupert aims to tackle struggling infrastructure
June 27 -- Council looks to commemorate Odd Eidsvik's life with parkland designation   NCR
June 27 -- Progress on PILT between City and Port a process years in the making  NCR
June 23 -- Port and city settle their differences with $5.3 million payment
June 22 -- Northwest environmental groups hail Prince Rupert Council's support for oil tanker ban  NCR
June 21 -- SD52 sets schedule for Board meetings for next year, but no update on plans to fill vacant seat  NCR
June 17 -- City puts Second Avenue Bridge rehabilitation work out for tender  NCR
June 17 -- Council introduces measures to control use of shipping containers in residential areas  NCR
June 17 -- Council to move forward with letters on Enbridge and oil tanker ban  NCR
June 16 -- City Council to invite Fisheries Minister to Prince Rupert to discuss fisheries issues NCR
June 16 -- Fine print brings Recreation Fees and Charges bylaw back to Council for discussion NCR
June 16 -- City's Annual Report ready for inspection and comment by the public NCR
June 15 -- City declares war on Japanese knotweed
June 13 -- Library Board gains three new members  NCR
June 13 -- Council to explore resolutions on Enbridge extension request and Oil tanker ban at session tonight  NCR
June  9 -- Prince Rupert infrastructure reception (video)
June 7 -- City of Prince Rupert video outlines water supply project (video)
June 7 -- City of Prince Rupert updates the Battle on Knotweed  NCR
June 6 -- Lights, Camera, Shawatlans ... City provides video tutorial on water supply rebuild  NCR
June 3 -- LNG Go Plan, Land use issues among Mayor Brain's contributions to Nation to Nation conference  NCR
June 2 -- Nation2Nation Community Forum underway in Kitamaat  NCR
June 2 -- City of Prince Rupert rolls out new Procedures and Management plan to deal with potential Emergency situations  NCR
June 2 -- City's process of implementing Land Use Policies begins to line up  NCR
June 2 -- City Council to tackle Enbridge extension and tanker ban issue at future session  NCR
June 1 -- Councillor Cunningham seeks timeline for introduction of new shuttle bus to airport  NCR
June 1-- City Council receives briefing on wolf concerns in the community from Terrace conservation officer NCR
June 1 -- City Council session takes note that McKay Street park bid came up short in BCAA competition  NCR


May 30 -- City to adopt new Emergency Management Program tonight  NCR
May 25 -- The Taxman cometh! City Property Tax notices arriving in this week's mail delivery NCR
May 24 -- Library's Annual Report notes funding issue; plans for the future  NCR
May 20 -- City to launch attack on Japanese Knotweed over the weekend  NCR
May 20 -- Annual Seafest Seniors Tea set for June 10th  NCR
May 19 -- CityWest to face high speed competition in Terrace market  NCR
May 17 -- New look Colonial Coal website still features Watson Island as high on company radar  NCR
May 16 -- School District says City of Prince Rupert to review trustee by-election issue  NCR
May 16 -- Recreation Department goes online with Registration options for Summer programs  NCR
May 13 -- ReDesign Rupert Sessions take place in the city (video)
May 13 -- McKay Street Park initiative submitted to BCAA's Play at Home competition  NCR
May 12 -- ReDesign Rupert to host community mapping session Friday NCR
May 12 -- City of Prince Rupert accepting nominations for Civic Awards Process  NCR
May 11 -- City's Financial Officer delivers findings from 2015 Audited Financial Statement  NCR
May 6 -- Rupert's Road Repair season underway  NCR
May 5 -- Municipal and Regional officials gather in Dawson Creek for NCLGA conference  NCR
May 4 -- City to introduce body camera for By Law enforcement Officer  NCR
May 4 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue in the market for a new pumper truck  NCR
May 3 -- City seeking Manager for Recreation Complex   NCR
May 3 -- City sets stage for introduction of 311 service to Prince Rupert   NCR
May 2 -- Prince Rupert waterfront development faces opposition from residents (audio)
May 2 --  RCMP to receive new detachment head after City concludes hiring search NCR
May 2 -- City moves forward with Land Use Policy Frameworks NCR
May 2 -- Cow Bay Area on the cusp of a major change as Port prepares to close Atlin land deal NCR


April 18 -- SD52 to hold talks with City of Prince Rupert on by-election concerns and other issues  NCR
April 14 -- Small Business Advisory Council plans move forward NCR
April 14 -- Cunningham calls for hiring of an additional By-law officer NCR

April 14 -- Council approves motion to deliver Children's Bill of Rights NCR
April 13 -- City charts financial course for 2016 adopting Financial Plan and Property Tax Bylaws NCR
April 13 -- AltaGas looks to be Propane Pioneers on the North Coast  NCR
April 11 -- Sunshine Greets Cow Bay Marina Opening  NCR
April 11 -- A ghost session for City Council?  NCR
April 8 -- Grand Opening tomorrow for Cow Bay Marina  NCR
April 8 -- City seeks volunteers for Prince Rupert Library Board  NCR
April 7 -- City updates Major Project Notes through full page ad in local paper  NCR
April 7 -- Prince Rupert Council starts process of Two Percent Tax increase for 2016 with Special Council Session today  NCR
April 5 -- Civic Centre makeover continues with new lights planned for Russell Gamble Gymnasium  NCR
April 4 -- City of Prince Rupert CEAA submission on Pacific NorthWest LNG now available on agency website  NCR


March 31 -- City looks to sell Cow Bay land to Prince Rupert Port Authority  NCR
March 29 -- City's Housing Committee gets closer to delivering Report to Province  NCR
March 24 -- Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain on Federal Budget  (video)
March 24 -- Prince Rupert traffic issues and container truck bypass options discussed during Monday's Council session  NCR
March 24 -- Councillor Kinney warns of growing number of interactions between humans and wolves NCR
March 24 -- Prince Rupert based Sports Fishery operators ask City to crack down on out of town operators  NCR
March 23 -- Say what you mean
March 23 -- Council outlines some thoughts on Pacific NorthWest LNG delays NCR
March 23 -- Council hears of a string of concerns from the McKay Street area NCR
March 22 -- City of Prince Rupert to address fuel bunkers at Moresby Park (video)
March 21 -- Council to receiver update on Moresby Fuel tank removal project tonight  NCR
March 21 -- Council to approve a number of appointments at tonight's Session NCR
March 21 -- Renewed appreciation for Prince Rupert Library after recent issues  NCR
March 18 -- Rates set for new Cow Bay Marina
March 18 -- City reverses decision on library cutback
March 17 -- Kanata School rezoning process back on the table
March 16 -- Tax sharing is one-sided: Brain
March 16 -- Full Library funding restored for year ahead  NCR
March 16 -- Port Ed and Prince Rupert Council in brief
March 16 -- City of Prince Rupert mourns passing of Bill Smith (video)
March 16 -- Former City Administrator Bill Smith passes away  NCR
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Library Funding restored (video)
March 15 -- Few questions from the public for Council at Budget Consultation Forum NCR
March 14 -- City of Prince Rupert hosts Public Budget Forum tonight  NCR
March 9 -- Prince Rupert Council to seek re-opening of Ridley Island Tax Agreement and seek share of potential Pacific NorthWest LNG revenue  NCR
March 9-- Kanata School land zoning issue is deferred once again, set to return for March 21st session  NCR
March 9 -- Cow Bay Marina Rates set (video)
March 9 -- Cow Bay Marina Fees now in place as Council passes bylaw for facility  NCR
March 9 -- Prince Rupert Yacht Club makes plans for major renovations  NCR
March 9 -- Carr-Harris memorial bench to be placed at Seal Cove
March 8 -- City to seek meeting with Port Edward on Ridley Island Tax Arrangement (video)
March 7 -- Kanata School land question back in front of Council tonight  NCR
March 7 -- Council Members to receive background report on Ridley Island Tax Agreement tonight  NCR
March 7 -- Council to review rates structure for Cow Bay Marina at tonight's Council Session  NCR
March 7 -- City views from Summit Avenue soon to be enhanced with tree trimming proposal NCR
March 3 -- City proposes no tax increase in 2016 budget
March 3 -- Deadline for tender on Russell Gamble Gym refurbishment contract coming up NCR
March 2 -- Developer signals plans for Drake Crescent
March 1 -- Mayor Brain brings Tsimshian Access message to Minister Garneau
March 1 -- Local residents look to place memorial bench in Prince Rupert (video)


February 25 -- Councillor Mirau seeks more background on Ridley Island Tax Arrangement with Port Edward  NCR
February 25 -- City Council endorses Port Coquitlam plan on funding formula for Build Canada Grant program  NCR
February 25 -- City's Finance Department offers up taxation tutorial for residents on mill rates  NCR
February 24 -- PRGA finds new home in museum room
February 24 -- Drake Crescent zoning decision deferred until March session NCR
February 24 -- City's CFO charts the Budget process ahead for City Council  NCR
February 22 -- Prince Rupert teachers outline their concerns on topic of Library cuts  NCR
February 22 -- City Council to take Budget Consultation to the public in March  NCR
February 22 -- Council to receive Budget Presentation from Finance tonight  NCR
February 18 -- Redesigning the City's legacy
February 17 -- City water facility in dire straits
February 17 --  Northern Health says parents shouldn't worry about lead water (audio)
February 17 -- City of Prince Rupert reassures residents on standards of city water supply  NCR
February 17 -- SD52 not impressed with City's by-election plans and cost  NCR
February 17 -- City's first wave of taxation collection now underway  NCR
February 16 -- Recreation fees increase bylaw passed
February 16 -- School District 52 sends out advisory to parents over elevated lead levels in water at four local schools  NCR
February 16 -- Cities in B. C. have to pay more for DNA costs in criminal investigations, but is it worth the price? (audio)
February 15 -- Public Hearing for East side housing proposal set for February 22nd  NCR
February 15 -- Northwest Communities receive Federal Gas Tax Funding for infrastructure projects  NCR
February 12 -- Multi-purpose van replaces bylaw buggy
February 11 -- Councillor Cunningham looks to seek more engagement with labour on issues in Prince Rupert  NCR
February 11 -- Small Business Committee plans remain stalled, with a workshop the next stage to find momentum  NCR
February 11 -- City to seek further information on Skating Club Ice Rental Fee cut request NCR
February 11 -- Recreation Fees discussion provides for heated exchange in Council chamber  NCR
February 10 -- Council tackling new liquor licence laws
February 9 -- Council set to approve Electoral Officers, set in motion SD52 by-election process  NCR
February 5 -- ReDesign Rupert launched with much more engagement to come  NCR
February 5 -- Cow Bay Marina ready for its debut  NCR
February 5 -- City still searching for library funds
February 4 -- ReDesign Prince Rupert Open House (video)
February 4 -- City introduces New Bylaw Vehicle, heralds efficiencies that it will provide  NCR
February 4 -- Mayor Brain in Ottawa for meetings with Federal officials  NCR
February 2 -- Re:Design Rupert to get preview this Thursday  NCR


January 29 -- Those Big Box themes start to percolate at City Council  NCR
January 29 -- Provincial population estimates for Prince Rupert at odd with those of the City  NCR
January 29 -- Drake Crescent housing proposal to go to Public Hearing in late February  NCR
January 29 -- Plans in motion to move forward with School District 52 by-election  NCR
January 29 -- Urgency required by City of Prince Rupert: SD52
January 28 -- Councillor Mirau's Small Business Advisory Committee Terms sent back to the writer's workshop  NCR
January 28 -- Council looks to bring many aspects of Major Projects and other planning together with new Committee  NCR
January 28 -- Mayor Brain's 2030 Sustainable City Select Committee gets approval, but not without spirited discussion on its purpose NCR
January 28 -- Questions on funding issues point to need for easier access to Civic information NCR
January 28 -- Library cuts the main focus for public comment period of Monday's Council session  NCR
January 28 -- Council pulls west side road closure bylaw from Agenda consideration  NCR
January 27 -- Recreation Department to introduce new registration system in February  NCR
January 26 -- City seeks volunteers for Boards and Societies  NCR
January 25 -- Council explores storage container use
January 25 -- Council to hear report on issues related to possibility of Wine Store in Grocery Stores in Prince Rupert NCR
January 25 -- Proposed Housing Development for Drake Crescent on the Agenda for tonight's Council Session  NCR
January 25 -- Council to receive Terms of Reference for Committees planned for 2016  NCR
January 19 -- City Council resolution makes for part of UFAWU letters to Ottawa  NCR
January 19 -- Rupert library budget slashed
January 19 -- Gymnastics club forced to leave civic centre
January 19 -- Prince Rupert population much higher than census
January 19 -- Not just another industry town
January 18 -- Zoning delays on Kanata lands has School District seeking answers from City of Prince Rupert  NCR
January 18 -- School District 52 to seek counsel of Ministry of Education over City's By-election delay NCR
January 15 -- Prince Rupert slashes library budget, looks to spend on other priorities  (audio)
January 15 -- Recreation Centre concerns outlined by Councillor Niesh  NCR
January 14 -- Placemaking a huge hit in Rupert, video and story
January 14 -- Legacy Corporation funding making for some fractures at City Council  NCR
January 13 -- Mayor hails success of Placemaking conference and points to a new 2030 Sustainable City vision NCR
January 13 -- Affordable housing continues to dominate Council discussions at start of year  NCR
January 13 -- Council to reduce funding for Library and redistribute some of the funds to the Museum and the Lester Centre NCR
January 12 -- Nathan Cullen looks to partner with City of Prince Rupert for infrastructure forum  NCR
January 12 -- A New Year and new opportunity with the City  NCR
January 11 -- Community Enhancement Grant Applicants to learn their funding levels tonight NCR
January 11 -- Council to consider request to honour First World War hero Lieutenant Colonel Cyrus Wesley Peck  NCR
January 8 -- Home invasion report through social media raising concern among Prince Rupert's Facebook community  NCR
January 5 -- Placemaking to retrofit McKay Street Park

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