Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Prices on their way up for Alaska Marine Highway Service

AMHS is putting in
place a five percent
increase on some fares
The frequency of the runs between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan may be on their way down, but the cost of travel along the various routes of the Alaska Marine Highway System has gone up.

The AMHS reminded travellers yesterday the the cost of travel has been increased on some routes, a second step for the ferry service as gehy seek to create a formula on rates to better serve their customers.

It comes as the Ferry Service continues to address some of the financial challenges that has been facing in recent years.

The five percent fare increase will be applied to new reservations, those who made their reservations prior to January 1st will not be affected. While those routes that have disproportionately higher rate than most routes will remain unchanged.

In addition to the fare increase, the AMHS has corrected what it describes as a loophole in its reservation change fee policy.  With a  minimum 20 dollar fee now in place for any reservation changes made within 2 weeks of sailing.

The fare tables for sailings out of Prince Rupert and other AMHS ports can be found below:

You can learn more about the fare increases from this information release from the AMHS.

For more background on service to and from Prince Rupert see the AMHS website.

Further background on items related to ferry transportation on the North Coast see our archive page.

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