Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Three for the Hall for the 2016 ANBT

When this years All Native Basketball Tournament starts up on February 7th, one of the most anticipated events of the one week tournament will be the Hall of Fame presentation, where ANBT organizers salute those that have had an impact on the tournament over the years.

This year, three women have been selected for the Hall of Fame, with the selection committee announcing that Roberta Edzerza, Tricia Helin and Vera James will all be celebrated at this years tournament.

The decision from the committee was clearly three popular choices, judging by the stream of comments saluting the ladies for their talent and competitive nature through their time in past tournament action. You can review some of that commentary from the ANBT Facebook page

Metlakatla was also quick to salute the selection of Ms. Edzerza, noting her many contributions to the tournament on their website.

Metlakatla saluted the selection of Roberta Edzera to
ANBT Hall of Fame for 2016

(photo from Metlakatla website)

The 2016 All Native Basketball Tournament takes place from February 7th to 13th at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre, with the majority of the competition taking place in the Russel Gamble Gymnasium.

Updates on this years event can be found from the ANBT Tournament website and Facebook page.

You can find more background on the Tournament from our archive page.

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