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Transportation on the North Coast -- Air Transportation 2016

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Air Transportation in the Northwest and on the North Coast.



December 21 -- WestJet flight diverted from Terrace to Prince George
December 19 -- YPR and Seal Cove Seaplane Base Brecome No Drone Zones  NCR
December 19 -- Revised Schedule Now in effect for Transportation to Prince Rupert Airport  NCR
December 15 -- Smithers Airport Terminal project approved (video)
December 15 -- Smithers Airport modernization project gets new budget and design approved
December 15 -- Council approves budget and design for Smithers Airport upgrade (audio)
December 14 -- Smithers airport modernization project's $8.17 million budget approved
December 12 -- Distressed Air Canada passenger taken to hospital
December 12 -- Medical Emergency on Terrace bound flight (video)
December 9 -- YXT November numbers (video)
December 8 -- Smithers Airport budget increases delayed to next week's meeting
December 6 -- Smithers Council meets this afternoon on increasing airport project by over 2 million
December 2 -- West Jet Flight from Vancouver to Terrace has another emergency landing
December 2 -- West Jet Flight airplane issues (video)
December 1 -- Cost estimates rise by over 2 million for Smithers Airport project


November 28 -- Hawkair
November 26 -- Former Hawkair workers receive final paycheque
November 23 -- The Hawk Flies no more in the Northwest  NCR
November 23 -- Plane passengers recount moments whent they thought they were going to crash (audio)
November 23 -- Hawkair declares bankruptcy (audio)
November 22 -- Hawkair History (video)
November 22 -- Hawkair Bankruptcy (video)
November 22 -- Hawkair goes bankrupt
November 22 -- Terrace bound WestJet flight diverted to Prince George
November 22 -- Safe landing at YXS
November 22 -- Incident at YXS
November 22 -- Northwestern B.C. airline company declares bankruptcy
November 21 -- Reports say Hawkair has gone bankrupt
November 21 -- Hawkair bankrupt (video)
November 21 -- Hawkair has gone bankrupt 
November 22 -- Plane lands safely at Prince George airport
November 22 -- Terrace bound WestJet flight diverted to Prince George
November 22 -- Terrace bound flight makes emergency landing in Prince George
November 22 -- WestJet plane bound for Terrace diverts to Prince George
November 17 -- Decline in Airport Ferry revenues anticipated for 2016  NCR
November 7 -- Smithers AAP to borrow $2 million for Airport project has to restart after error  NCR


October 11 -- Terrace Airport Numbers drop (video)


September 29 -- Prince Rupert Airport gains recognition at UBCM for recent renovations  NCR
September 26 -- Prince Rupert Airport renovations included financial top up from Legacy Fund  NCR
September 22 -- Prince Rupert Airport Renovations complete  (video)
September 22 -- Hawk Air flight from Terrace to Vancouver ending soon (audio)
September 22 -- Hawkair to end Terrace to Vancouver service on October 1st  NCR
September 22 -- Terrace to Vancouver flights using Hawkair aircraft to end
September 20 -- YPR launches new website, set to celebrate Terminal reopening this Saturday  NCR
September 8 -- City of Prince Rupert puts Airport Ferry Pontoon Replacement project out for bid NCR


August 15 -- Smithers airport upgrade plans (video)
August 15 -- Smithers approves new floor plan for airport project
August 12 -- Floor plan for 1,100 square metres of addition for Smithers Airport approved by Council
August 10 -- More flights can land at Smithers airport with a new landing system
August 5 -- Smithers airport to get new landing system


July 27 -- Smithers airport stats show less passenger use and aircraft traffic so far this year
July 22 -- Rupert airport gets $300,000 for environmental upgrades
July 21 -- Upgrades for Prince Rupert airport
July 21 -- BC Government puts 300,000 dollars toward Airport Improvements at Digby Island  NCR
July 15 -- Royal Canadian Air Forc Hercules stops over in Terrace (video)
July 15 -- Smithers Airport Architects (video)
July 9 -- Terrace airport sees steady numbers despite route cancellations
July 1 -- City of Prince Rupert to pursue two grant opportunities for transportation and Tsunami risk assessment  NCR


June 14 -- Digby Island Ferry gets by with a little help from a friend  NCR
June 1 -- Councillor Cunningham seeks timeline for introduction of new shuttle bus to airport  NCR


May 20 -- Air Canada's third flight to Prince Rupert brings increased options this summer  NCR
May 17 -- Smithers Airport Modernization Plans (video)


April 27 -- Hawkair not returning for summer service
April 22 -- Prince Rupert's Airport Bus Upgraded
April 5 -- Air passenger traffic steady at Terrace airport


March 29 -- Fewer flights between Terrace and Vancouver starting April (audio)


February 22 -- Northwest (Terrace) Airport statistics  (video)
February 22 -- WestJet passengers take long way home to Terrace
February 2 -- Air Canada to add third flight to YPR flight schedule in May  NCR


January 26 -- Terrace to Calgary route among cuts for WestJet  NCR
January 7 -- Hawkair's choice of Terrace-Kelowna route may soon pay off  NCR
January 4 -- Laser Pointed at plane incoming to Terrace Airport

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