Wednesday, October 5, 2016

CN and Port celebrate Tidal Coast Terminals shipment capabilities out of Prince Rupert

Tidal Coast Terminals continues 
to expand on its operations 
on the North Coast
A sign of the pace of increased development on the Prince Rupert waterfront these days was noted this week, with a recently opened trans-load facility for the Ridley Island corridor celebrated for the added capacity and increased international trade footprint that it is bringing to the Northwest.

Tidal Coast Terminals was the focus of all the attention over the last few days, as the company which first began its operations in 2008 at the old North Coast Timber site in the Industrial park continues to invest and expand on its plans for the region.

Some background including a number of photos on what the Terminal offers to clients which range from the forest industry to heavy cargo operations can be found here

The industrial operation is a joint venture between Coast Tsimshian Enterprises and the Port Moody offices of the US based Tidal Transport.

The arrangement with Tidal Transport is one of a number of recent joint ventures that Coast Tsimshian Enterprises has taken on with a number of companies over the last few years.

The ever expanding options for resource shipments out of Prince Rupert gained a positive review from both the Port of Prince Rupert and Canadian National Railway in recent days, as Tidal Terminals received twitter shout outs from the two key elements to shipping from the North Coast.

The main site for terminal operations includes space for raw log processing, storage for lumber shipments for export and break bulk options is located in the Prince Rupert Industrial park, while container loads of finished product for shipment make their way by road destined for a rail loading facility that has been constructed on Ridley island.

This 2013 item for an industrial magazine Canadian Sailings: Transportation and Trade Logistics offered some notes on the arrangement with Coast Tsimshian Resources and delivered a preview of what the Terminal operators have in mind for the Industrial site.

A video presentation provides a guide to the work of the Terminal operators and offers up a glimpse of both the Industrial park operations and the shipment facility located on Ridley Island.

With the increased visibility of the Industrial park terminal we've created an archive page for future items related to their operations on the North Coast, you can review it as part of our larger Industrial Development page here.

More items of interest from CN Rail, the Port of Prince Rupert and other industrial operations can be found from that archive.

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