Thursday, October 6, 2016

Delays ahead for completion of Frederick Street water lines

Work on Frederick Street will be
extended as the City works on a
water line issue on the east side
Those navigating the road repair scene on Frederick Street between 11th Avenue East and Hays Cove Avenue will be facing a longer period of re-construction, with the City of Prince Rupert announcing today that the repair timetable has been extended owing to unforeseen circumstances.

The significant depth of the water line on Frederick which has been under repair has proven to be more challenging than first thought, and the line which the city notes is past its life expectancy is facing more extensive repairs.

The City notes that work crews will be working hard to restore the water line infrastructure on the east side of the city, however no timeline was provided by the city as to when they anticipate the project to be complete.

The trench is deep as city workers
continue to address infrastructure
concerns on Frederick Street.
Work crews began their efforts on the project in early to mid September, with traffic reduced to one lane as crews dug deep into the roadbed to create the trench for the work on the line.

Residents of the area of the water line are advised that they may experience reduced water pressure during the period of construction, those travelling along the one lane stretch of Frederick are also reminded to obey all posted traffic signage and traffic controllers on site.

You can review the advisory from the City of Prince Rupert Communication Department here.

The water line issues on the east side of the city are one of a number of projects that the city has been working on into the fall, you can review more of the city's infrastructure concerns from our archive page here.

Update: As the work continued through Thursday, a Detour had been put in place, with no access allowed to Frederick Street between 11th Avenue West and Hays Cove Avenue.

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