Monday, October 3, 2016

Rainmaker fans can now grab some Spirit gear from the new fall fashions

The new fall fashions are in at Charles Hays Secondary, and the well dressed Rainmaker fan for this year can select from a number of new options when it comes to showing some spirit for the local high school and its growing list of sports teams.

Four items give Rainmaker fans the chance to look stylish for 2016-17 with tee shits, sweatpants, a Vintage Baseball style T and the always popular hoodie making for the Rainmaker Spirit wear collection for the fall.

Order forms for Charles Hays students (and Rainmaker fans across the city) can be found on the Charles Hays Secondary School website.

As for Charles Hays sports for the fall, teams are currently on the field in both soccer and rugby as the two squads head out for regional games and home dates.

Also in action as we head into October are the Rainmaker volleyball teams which are looking to make the fall of 2016 another memorable run at the Charles Hays gymnasium.

Charles Hays also is home to two sports academies this year, with the popular Basketball program back for another year and Hockey now moving forward with a similar process as well, with the school and Pacific Rim Hockey joining forces for a program for grades 9 through 12.

You can keep up to date on some of the sports events at CHSS from the @CHSSSports twitter feed.

Notes on Rainmaker sports and other items of interest on school athletics in the Northwest can be found on our Rainmaker archive page here.

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