Friday, April 14, 2017

A cavalcade of Christy! Premier Clark in the Northwest

A Northwest Road Trip for Premier Clark on Thursday, with stops
in Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert

The provincial election campaign ramped up just a little bit more on Thursday, as Premier Christy Clark rolled on down the highway into Prince Rupert, with the highway cruiser making its final stop of a three city tour in the city's Cow Bay District.

Once the wheels on the bus were no longer going round and round the Premier disembarked to greet Liberal candidate Herb Pond, shake hands with the crowd, rub a few belly or two as things turned out and to take her hand at learning the coffee making ropes from Judson Rowse at Cowpuccino's.

Ms. Clark was in town to lend a hand to the Liberal candidate 's campaign through the Cowpuccino's meet and greet, an indication that the BC Liberals are looking to shake up the local and provincial political scene by capturing the North Coast riding from Jennifer Rice and the NDP on May 9th.

The Northwest journey took the Premier to Kitimat and Terrace earlier in the day to meet with voters along with Skeena candidate Ellis Ross. The tour also included some of the provincial media, following along on the one day whistle stop tour of the region.

The images of the trek were quickly launched into the world of twitter, as the Vancouver Sun's Rob Shaw, The Globe's Justine Hunter, CBC's Jesse Johnston and even Premier Clark herself shared some snapshots of the Rupert leg of the day.  A sample of which can be reviewed below:

BC Liberal candidate Herb Pond making the introductions
at the Prince Rupert stop for the day

The sidewalk in front of Cowpuccino's became a instant scrum Thursday

It is never too early to try and get a new voter in a riding that could be in play!

The coffee was hot and the conversation lively at Cowpuccino's

The last hand shaken, the final coffee poured the Premier was off to
Atlin Terminal and her transportation to the airport and a flight on to Kelowna

And had this been a political thriller movie, we now reach the point where the music builds a bit, as the camera zooms in on the name of the boat as it sailed off into the sunset ...

And Fade Out and Scene!

More notes on the North Coast election campaign can be found on our North Coast Votes page.

While we also  have a larger overview of the provincial campaign which can be reviewed on our political portal D'Arcy McGee

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