Sunday, April 16, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending April 16, 2017

A glimmer of better times for Watson Island made for the main theme for news this week on the North Coast.

As the City of Prince Rupert offered up a few notes on their discussions with an Alberta based energy company, the conversation related to plans for a proposed propane terminal, a story which overshadowed all others on the week.

Other areas that found some strong readership for our list of five included the latest community fund announcement from the Prince Rupert Port Authority, a spring migration for some of the region's media members and a set date in place for the North Coast election debate in Prince Rupert.

Our Blog Watching list wraps up with a look at the city's final decision on taxation for this year, with Council moving forward the last of the 2017 Budget provisions for 2017.

Our top story however, takes us out to Watson Island where the City's Legacy Fund mechanism was used to sign a letter of intent for an export propane terminal with Pembina Pipelines.

Pembina makes plans for propane shipment terminal at Watson Island --  The story of Watson Island gained a new chapter this week, with the industrial site on the outskirts of the city now the potential destination for a propane export terminal. With Pembina pipelines investigating their options for a portion of the old pulp mill site. The prospects for the future made for a fair bit of interest at this week's Prince Rupert Council session as well.   (posted April 11, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Port's Community Investment fund gives financial lift to local gymnasts -- Local gymnasts had a reason to do some flips this week, with the announcement of 60,000 dollars in matching fund from the Prince Rupert Port Authority for equipment for the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association. (posted April 10, 2017)

The makings of a media migration on the North Coast? --Journalists with the local newspaper and television station made their plans for departure for the North Coast, with a number of job opportunities now available for aspiring reporters. Our original item focused on the opportunities with the Northern View, while a follow up item on Wednesday took note of the vacancy with TV7.    (posted April 10, 2017)

North Coast election debate now set for late April -- The three declared candidates for the North Coast seat in the legislature will be put through their debating paces on April 24th when the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce hosts the Prince Rupert electoral forum at the Lester Centre.  (posted April 11, 2017)

Council says No to 2.25% mill rate increase tied to snow removal concerns; returns to 1.5% plan -- Despite some concern from the city's financial office that the cupboard on snow removal could be quite bare by November, City Council rolled the dice with Mother Nature and declined the request to increase this years mill rate request to top up the Snow budget. Returning to the original plan of a 1.5% increase this year. (posted April 13, 2017)

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