Friday, April 21, 2017

City Council Preview, Monday, April 24, 2017

For the first time in a while, the City Council Agenda offers up a fairly expansive range of items for consideration by Prince Rupert's elected officials.

When Council members gather on Monday evening at 7PM, they'll be reviewing a list of items that includes changes to the Airport Board makeup, a proposed new Seniors Housing development and they will also move forward with the final approval process for the city's Financial plan and Tax Bylaw requirements for 2017.

You can review the background documentation for tonight's Regular Session from the Agenda Package here.

As it is also a Committee of the Whole night, the public will have opportunity to ask questions of Council members at Monday's session, the first such opportunity since the end of February.

The Regular  Council session starts off for the evening with the adoption of agendas and minutes.

Following that requirement, the line up for the night looks as follows.

Petitions and Delegations 

Any Notes on Unfinished Business will follow that presentation.

Reports and Recommendations is next on the Agenda listings.

Report from the Community Planner  -- The Community planner will provide a report on a request for a Variance Permit for a renovation at a residence at 405- 5th Avenue East (Page 12 of the Agenda Package)

Correspondences for Action

Council will consider a request for a letter of support from Northwest Community College as part of the BC Public Access to Defibrillation program (Page 22 of the Agenda)

Council will consider a memorandum from the Communications Manager, related to the National Day of Mourning (Page 23 of the Agenda)

Resolutions from Closed Meetings,

Council has two announcements to make from previous Closed Sessions:

The First announcement, which comes from a Closed Session of March 6th, will appoint Mr. Alexander Hembroff to a year term on the Board of the Performing Arts Centre.

The second announcement, which is from a Closed Session of April 3rd will appoint four members to the Board of the Prince Rupert Airport Authority.

Among those to be appointed are: Mr. Rory Mandryk, Mr. Paul Venditelli, Mr. Richard Pucci and Mr. Cody Smith. Mr. Venditelli has also been named as the Chair of the Prince Rupert Airport Authority Board.

Bylaws mark the next item of the Agenda on the night.

Council will consider a rezoning request from the Metlakatla Development Corporation, which is looking to develop an Elders/Seniors Housing complex at the corner of 8th Avenue East and Green Street (Page 24 of the Agenda Package)

Council will receive a report from the Chief Financial Officer related to the 2017 Five Year Financial Plan (Page 61 of the Agenda Package)

Council will receive a report from the Chief Financial Officer related to the 2017 Property Tax Bylaw (Page 74 of the Agenda Package)

The evening then moves on to Additional Items from Council members

Mayor Brain is listed as to provide a verbal update related to the Resource Benefit Alliance

The evening will come to an end with Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council.

Where Council members will offer up any items or concerns that they have for consideration on the night.

The Live broadcast of the City Council session can be found here, a video archive of past sessions is available here.

Our archive of items related to the April 24th session can be found here.

While our archive of all sessions for 2017 for Council is available here.

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