Sunday, April 2, 2017

Blog Watching, Week ending April 2, 2017

A few items related to the City of Prince Rupert were among our list of the five most read on the week.

With our notes on the cancellation of the April 3rd Regular Public Council Session and an upcoming public meeting on the plan to convert the Neptune Inn to Seniors housing accommodation both finding their way to the top of the review for the week.

A police involved incident, which saw a police car driven by a member of the RCMP strike a pedestrian last weekend became a major theme across Social media, it has since then made for a story that has generated much interest in the city judging by the surge in views for our story from Monday.

Our notes related to a Food recall issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, also proved to be a popular item as readers reviewed the details to the recall of Robin Hood Flour across the four western provinces.

The week ended with our April Fool's notes on plans for a giant Charles Hays Statue to be put in place to watch over the city from Mount Hays finding a large audience, in fact in just half a day, it had become the most read item on the blog over the last seven days,

Over in the Non-Fake News category, the top story of the week turns our focus towards Prince Rupert City Council and their plans to cancel the second public council session in just over three months.

With another cancellation, City council frees up your Monday evening for you  -- With no explanation for the public, Prince Rupert City Council cancels this Monday's Public Council session, the second time that they have cancelled a Regular Public council session this year.   (posted March 30, 2017)

That article was followed by:

April date set for Public information session on Neptune Inn conversion proposal -- Macro Properties, sets the date for their Public information session, designed to hear community feedback towards their plans to renovate the old Neptune Inn and convert it into seniors independent living accommodation.    (posted March 27, 2017)

Police involved incident in Prince Rupert to be reviewed by Independent Investigation Office -- An incident involving a member of the Prince Rupert RCMP, which saw a police vehicle strike a pedestrian last Saturday night was handed over to the province's Independent Investigation office on Monday, with no updates provided about the incident since that time.   (posted March 27 , 2017)

Middle School replacement hopes become political cudgel for North Coast election campaign -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice and Education Minister Mike Bernier exchanged accusations and opinions related to the need for a replacement for Prince Rupert Middle school on Thursday, their comments provided the narrative to the story following a tour of the school by the Education Minister. (posted March 31, 2017)

Baker's Beware! CFIA issues flour recall in Western Canada -- Those on the North Coast that may have purchased Robin Hood All Purpose flour were put on alert this week, that after news that one particular batch has been recalled across four western provinces after a number of instances of e coli had been reported   (posted March 29, 2017)

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