Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Capital funding and calendar approvals among SD52 meeting notes

SD52 held their monthly Board meeting last week and from that session a number of notes have been released from School District officials.

Planning for the 2017-18 Spring Break is now complete, after the Prince Rupert District Teachers' Union approved the changes required to the collective agreement that will enable for a two week Spring Break next year.

That marked the second year in a row that the Board has approved the two week Spring Break model and finalizes the calendar preparations for the year ahead.

In Capital Funding the School District approved $550,000 in funding for three projects to date, they include:

Roof Repairs for Conrad Street Elementary School
DDC upgrades and floor repairs at Lax Keen Elementary School

The School District also notes that the Ministry is considering urgent work required for Prince Rupert Middle School, the work required will ensure that the building can continue to operate until it is replaced. 

The anticipated work will include repairs to the roof, boilers and the school's electrical system.

SD52 took note of some of the urgent work required at PRMS to allow the
facility to remain in use until a replacement school is approved by the Ministry of Education

The School District also outlined the final details to their annual 2017-18 Budget noting that they have a budget surplus of 2 per cent, to be used as a reserve to address future operational issues.

As well an additional 2.6% is being held as a contingency fund for staffing if enrolment in the District increases by the time school resumes in September 2017.

The total expenses in the approved budget will come to $25,323,000, by approving the budget the Board agreed to both ongoing and one-time spending increases.

The District also has created a special purpose fund, to be known as the Classroom Enhancement Fund, which features $1,349,168 of Provincial funding to address the restoration of the class size and composition language from the teacher collective agreement.

From that $188,000 of the funds will be allocated to overhead coasts and will be used to restore a day shift custodian position and provide additional release time for principals.

As well, School Board Chair Tina Last made note of one time funding to be directed towards the implementation of the new curriculum and to support recruitment of more teachers.

“The Board has approved one-time funding in the budget to support schools in the implementation of the new curriculum and to support the recruitment of more teachers,” ...“On behalf of the Board I would like to thank our partner groups who provided valuable input in the budget process.”

Grant Funding was also a key element of the announcements from the April 11th session, among those notices were:

Student Learning Grant -- SD 52 will receive an estimated $99,000 from the Ministry of Education for the Student Learning Grant, a one time grant designed to support students in the new curriculum and to save parents money. As part of the grant funding, basic school supplies will be purchased for elementary and middle school students which will help reduce the cost for parents.

The remaining money from the fund will be used to support hands on learning in elementary, middle and secondary schools in the District.

As we outlined on the blog earlier this month, the School District has also received funding for Industrial Training supplies for both Charles Hays and Prince Rupert Middle School.

At the April 11th Session, Board Chair Last offered thanks for the work involved in securing that funding.

“The school district is very appreciative of the work by the district career coordinator, Sebastien Paquet and the Director of Operations, Dave Garcia, to gather the information required and ensure this grant application was submitted,”  ... “Our students will benefit from these new tools for many years.”

Youth Trades Grant -- The Industry Training Authority has approved a series of grants to upgrade tools in the shops at Charles Hays Secondary and Prince Rupert Middle School.

2017 -- $15,920
2018 -- $32,760
1019 -- $43,400

The final note on the Board meeting of last week reviewed the progress of a restoration project taking place at Charles Hays Secondary.

A look at the Before picture for the
1940's Police Car restoration project
taking place at CHSS

(photo from Prince Rupert Crimestoppers/
Lonnie Wishart photography)
Vice-Principal Carla Street and students Bren Stevenson and Sehjot Sahdra from CHSS provided a look at the work in progress on the restoration of a 1940's police car currently underway through the auto shop class.

The project is being documented by students in the media arts class who provided a sample of the chronicle of the car restoration to this point for the Board members .

Something which the SD52 officials greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm.

“It is exciting to see the collaboration between the shop class and the media arts class,” ... “The Board is looking forward to the day when this car will appear in the Seafest parade.”
-- SD52 Board Chair Tina Last

A glimpse at what the car looked like heading into the shop in February can be found from the Prince Rupert Crimestoppers Facebook page

A full overview of the April 11th School District session can be found here.

More items of note from School District 52 can be found on our archive page here.

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